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Elk River is a beautiful city that houses a vast amount of history and boasts a strong economic environment for the businesses and citizens that reside here. Northface Construction is a local construction exterior remodel company that is lucky to call Elk River it’s home. We are located right on Main Street in downtown Elk River on the riverbank of the beautiful Mississippi River.

657 Main Street NW #90, Elk River, MN 55330

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We feel a strong connection with our local area of Elk River as an exterior remodel company. We have been blessed to be a part of the preservation of the city developments through remodel projects of all sizes and scopes. It is important to Northface Construction to be able to help increase property values and aesthetics with value engineered designs and products that we use in our exterior remodel projects locally. We believe in sustainability, of our local area of Elk River. We make sure to cater to the specific local needs of Elk River and Surrounding resident and businesses alike by providing quality, and value-driven exterior remodel services.

"We had Northface Construction re-roof our lake cabin. The work was finished as we requested, on time, and everything was left neat and clean when the job was done. Josh was very easy to work with and we would recommend Northface to anyone."

Paul B.

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Our Services include but are not limited to;

Roofing- Asphalt shingle, Metal panel, Metal shingles, TPO flat roofing and EPDM flat roofing. These include full replacement, repair or inspection of all these types of systems.

Siding- Vinyl, Engineered Wood, Wood, Metal installation or repair.

Gutters-  Aluminum Seamless gutter installation, replacement or repair.

We pride ourselves in maintaining a consistent, local quality-driven workforce. By providing higher quality and better customer satisfaction we hope to bring our own influence of sustainability to Elk River locally. We believe that by providing jobs to local residents, providing valuable service we are directly stimulating the local economy of Elk River and the surrounding areas. By maintaining this revenue stream locally we can make sure that profits, salaries and home investment growth will directly be utilized locally.

If you are interested in talking to us about your next exterior remodel project please call us at

763-433-2269 or use our Contact US feature below!

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Litchfield Roofing Contractor

Litchield homeowners are left with the damage to clean up after the recent tornado brought strong winds and hail that damages many homes. In the wake of the destruction many are looking for who is going to help them fix the damages caused. 

The tornado affected all the area homes and individuals to different levels of damage. From total destruction to cosmetic damage.  It produced large hail that may have caused damage to your roof that you may not be able to see.

Northface Construction is a full service general contractor that specializes in storm damage and is your Litchfield roofing contractor to call to repair your home from storm damage. We handle all types of work that may be caused by wind or hail. This includes roofing, siding, windows and other construction related trades that may be needed to bring your home to a condition even BETTER than before the storm.

We understand that in order to make sure the repairs you need are done properly that the project needs to be assessed in detail, estimated accurately and work performed to higher standards than your typical tradesman. We are specialists in exteriors and storm damage repair making us your local Litchfield roofing contractor of choice.

We boast many accreditation and certifications that allow us to provide BETTER warranties than most Litchfield roofing contractor companies. We are a certified installer for the top shingle and siding manufacturers in the country as well as recognized for our outstanding service by HOUZZ and the BBB.

When choosing the Litchfield roofing contractor to work with to repair your hail, wind or tornado damage. Make sure to give Northface Consruction a call today for you 100% FREE damage inspection and we will  make sure that you are taken care of by your trusted litchfield roofing contractor Northface Construction.

844-612-HAIL or 763-433-2269

Nisswa Roofing Contractor

Sunday June 19th, 2016 severe weather developed in northern Minnesota and the Brainerd Lakes area leaving damage in it’s path. Residents who may have been affected by hail and wind need to contact their trusted local MN Nisswa roofing contractor Northface Construction to investigate potential hail or wind damage on their cabin or home. Northface Construction is a fully licensed and insured general contractor that specializes in roofing, siding and storm damage remodeling and is a great resource for Nisswa and Brainerd Lakes area affected residents. Please reference the below map to look at where hail damage was reported by our hail tracking software.

Nisswa Roofing Contractor


If you or someone you know has a residence in the Nisswa, Brainerd Lakes, Pequot Lakes or surrounding areas their residence may have been affected by the Nisswa Storm Damage on Sunday June 29th, 2016. If this is the case they should contact Northface Construction for a 100% FREE damage assessment as we are the top Nisswa Roofing Contractor. We provide a free damage assessment and document any hail or wind related damages that may have occurred. Northface Construction will also meet your insurance company adjuster to present the damage findings and present a real market value for the repair of the Storm Damage. We are highly versed in the process of contracting insurance claim projects and provide the top quality customer service and workmanship to our clients which is why over 75% of our projects are referrals from past customers.

As your local Nisswa Roofing Contractor we provide a value driven experience from the moment we first meet you. We are fully licensed and insured and provide exceptional labor and material warranties on all of our work. In comparison with other Nisswa Roofing Contractor companies, you will find our process is client-based and NOT high pressure. We educate, consult and deliver to our clients so they can have as smooth as a process as possible with the best quality work. We abide by all local codes and legal requirements as set forth by the state of Minnesota and all local jurisdictions that we do business in.

We are on appointments RIGHT NOW in Nisswa and surrounding areas inspecting homes for damage and the following are some photos of the roofing impacts from hail on shingles and skylights.

nisswa roofing contractor a7e799c4-30bc-4046-b6a8-ca2aaad9541b (1)

It is important to choose the right contractorto hire for the work on your cabin or home in result of the Nisswa Storm Damage. Many companies in the market today are volume driven and the client does not get the attention or quality they deserve as a paying customer. Northface Construction will have our Certified Inspector perform a detailed damage assessment and will give you an honest opinion on whether you have experienced a loss of life on your property from the Nisswa Storm Damage. We do not advise homeowners to file claims that are not justified because we are a highly trained and professional Nisswa roofing contractor that seeks client satisfaction over volume business.


If you would like a FREE damage assessment from your Nisswa Roofing Contractor Northface Construction for your property that may have been affected by the Storm Damage please give us a call at 844-612-HAIL or 763-433-2269

Minneapolis Storm Warning Tornado Watch

Tuesday June 14th, 2016 The Minneapolis and surrounding metro areas are under a storm warning and tornado watch. Residents can expect high winds, large hail and possible tornadoes. The watch is in effect until 10 pm CST.

minneapolis storm

KARE 11 Local Severe Storms

As we brace ourselves for another of mother natures unpredictable storms there are some important things to think about before the Minneapolis storm weather comes to your home.

  • In event of a tornado from the Minneapolis storm make sure you have a place to get safety. This may be a basement, crawlspace, storm shelter or even a bathtub if no other options are available. you will want to keep you and your loved ones away from windows and doors.

  • It is always good to have a backup emergency kit for if the power or other utilities become unavailable. Such things in a kit like this may be flashlight, water, batteries, food items  etc.

  • Make sure to unplug any electronics that you want to protect if lightening strikes from the Minneapolis storm. Surge protectors will provide some safety for your valuable personal files and electronics but unplugging such items is the safest way to make sure the information on them and the item itself is safe from damage.

  • Are all of your belongings that are susceptible to wind or hail in safe location? (vehicles, personal belongings, plants etc.) If you can place these items so they can be shielded form high winds or falling hail such as inside a garage or under shelter to protect them.

If the Minneapolis storm severe weather does affect you or your home it can cause all sorts of damage. From hail damage to wind damage it is important that after the storm you make sure than your home and your possessions are accounted for and are safe. Look for items that may have blown away and make sure to do a walk around your home to see if there are any changes to your roofing or siding. High winds can cause shingles or siding to become detached and may lead to potential leaks.

If you have shingles or siding missing after the storm it is important to call a LOCAL contractor such as Northface Construction IMMEDIATELY to come and address the issue. We will come and either fix the damage on the spot or provide temporary tarping or other boarding up services to protect the rest of your home.

If you had hail at your house it is important to take pictures of the hail left on the ground and to call Northface Construction to come and assess if there is hail damage to you shingles and other areas of your home. Hail damage usually cannot be seen from the ground so it is important to have a professional HAAG Engineering Certified inspector come and assess the potential damage.

We hope that this information is helpful to all of you, please share with family and friends so they can follow the right steps to protect themselves and their property during severe weather such as today.

If you need immediate assistance tonight June 14th, 2016 call 24 hours for immediate response and assistance if you are having leaks or severe damage. We will be on call to service homeowners all night.

CALL 763-433-2269 or 844-612-HAIL

Wheaton Storm Damage

Sunday June 12th, 2016 severe weather developed in western Minnesota and the Dakotas leaving damage in it’s path. Residents may be affected by hail and wind need to contact their trusted local MN storm damage contractor Northface Construction to investigate potential hail or wind damage on their cabin or home. Northface Construction is a fully licensed and insured general contractor that specializes in roofing, siding and storm damage remodeling and is a great resource for Wheaton Storm Damage affected residents. Please reference the below map to look at where hail damage was reported by our hail tracking software.

wheaton storm damage

If you or someone you know has a residence in the Wheaton, Browns Valley or Traverse county areas their residence may have been affected by the Wheaton Storm Damage on Sunday June 13th, 2016. If this is the case they should contact Northface Construction for a 100% FREE damage assessment. We provide a free damage assessment and document any hail or wind related damages that may have occurred. Northface Construction will also meet your insurance company adjuster to present the damage findings and present a real market value for the repair of the Wheaton Storm Damage. We are highly versed in the process of contracting insurance claim projects and provide the top quality customer service and workmanship to our clients which is why over 75% of our projects are referrals from past customers.

It is important to choose the right contractor for the work on your cabin or home caused by the Wheaton Storm Damage. Many companies in the market today are volume driven and the client does not get the attention or quality they deserve as a paying customer. Northface Construction will have their HAAG Engineering Certified Inspector perform a detailed damage assessment and will give you an honest opinion on whether you have experienced a loss of life on your property from the Wheaton Storm Damage. We do not advise homeowners to file claims that are not justified because we are trained and certified by HAAG Engineering which is the basis of hail identification training for many insurance company adjusters.

If you would like a FREE damage assessment for your property that may have been affected by the Wheaton Storm Damage please give us a call at 844-612-HAIL or 763-433-2269

Roofing Storm Damage


If you are questioning the lifespan of your roof or think that you may have experienced roofing storm damage at your home you need to Get a Quote or get a free damage inspection from us here at Northface Construction.

Roofing storm damage may occur when weather related activities occur such as hail or high winds occur. It is important to call a professional roofing contractor who actively engages in storm damage business such as Northface Construction.

Once you have gotten in touch with Northface Construction regarding your roofing storm damage we will immediately schedule a day and time that works best with your schedule to have our project consultant come and do a thorough inspection of your roof. During this inspection, the project consultant will identify any damage that may have occurred that would be covered by your insurance company. During this time you will have informational literature regarding Northface Construction and the roofing storm damage insurance claim process.

When the project consultant has finished their inspection they will provide you with documentation of the damage found on the roofing material along with the long term effects this may have on the life of your roof. Our project consultants are highly trained in the identification of hail and wind damage on roofing materials so you can be rest assured that we will not recommend to file a claim on damage if we believe it is not substantial enough.

Upon presentation of the roofing storm damage your Northface Construction Project Consultant will provide you with detailed instructions and information to pursue filing an insurance claim. Our service on your behalf only is just beginning at this point. Our project consultant will meet with your insurance adjuster during the insurance companies inspection of the roofing storm damage. We will provide a detailed estimate for the insurance company based on the damage found during our inspection of the property and negotiate the claim settlement amount upon real and true market rates of our area. Northface Construction is highly knowledgable in the negotiations with insurance companies regarding the price and scope of insurance claims as we are Independent Construction Contractors of America trained.

Once the scope and price of the project are determined for the roofing storm damage loss on your property Northface Construction will immediately put your project into production. We pride ourselves on our efficiency and quality craftsmanship. We maintain that through the use of technology and quality management practices that we have specifically designed to serve our customers to a higher level than competitors in Minnesota.

We are proud to boast that over 50% of our business comes from referral business from highly satisfied clients that we have served. You can be positive that you are making the right choice when you choose Northface Construction

If you would like to schedule your FREE damage inspection or FREE roofing estimate

CALL TODAY at 763-433-2269 or 844-612-HAIL or click GET A QUOTE

Thank you for your time and opportunity to serve you,


Josh Swisher



Roofing Contractor Anoka

Roofing Contractor Anoka

Northface Construction is the preferred Anoka roofing contractor . We install many types of roofs on both commercial roofing and residential roofing applications. From small roof repairs to large multi-building commercial projects you can be rest-assured you are choosing the right roofing company to protect your investment. When hiring a roofing contractor you should consider their capability and reputation. Northface Construction has full capability to do almost any type of roofing system with a highly recommended reputation for quality, service and competitive pricing.

Some of the types of roofing Northface Construction services:

  • Asphalt Roofing

    • Asphalt shingle roofs are the most common type of roofing material used in residential roofing applications. Northface Construction provides full re-roofing and repair services for all different types of shingles such as executive style shingles to the more common architectural or 3-tab shingles. As a GAF certified installer we are also able to provide our clients with 50 year limited warranties. We also service storm damage insurance claims by working on your behalf to get you the claim settlement you deserve and to install your new roof better than it was. Northface Construction has completed hundreds of roofs over the years with wonderful quality and recommendations making us the roofing contractor Anoka needs.
  • Metal Roofing

    • Metal roofing provides a sleek look with exceptional protection for your investment. Whether you are looking to install a thick gauge commercial standing seam roof or a corrugated (pole barn style) roof on your home, Northface Construction is the Roofing Contractor Anoka needs. Metal roofs provide higher uplift resistance, unique color choices, hail resistance and qualify for insurance and energy savings!
  • Flat Roofing

    • EPDM (rubber) flat roofs are a great way to protect your flat roof on your home or business. We provide ballasted, fully-adhered, and mechanically adhered rubber flat roofing systems for full re roofing or repair service. Most local roofing companies are not as qualified as we are to handle these types of projects, Northface Construction is fully experienced and qualified to be the rubber roofing contractor Anoka needs.
    • TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) flat roofs are a wonderful type of roofing system. TPO roofs are a blended rubber that is welded together at the seams instead of taped or glued. What this does is it actually can make the seams the strongest part of the system if done properly. Since the seams of a flat roof are the most likely to be the causes of leaks installing a TPO roof can be a great investment because of the assurance of performance. Northface Construction has vast experience installing TPO flat roofs and is the TPO roofing contractor Anoka needs and is serviced by for full roof replacement and TPO roof repairs.

If you would like a FREE consultation about your roofing project, please CALL our office at 763-433-2269

Roofing Technology

Roofing Technology at Northface Construction

There is so much technology out there it is overwhelming sometimes! Even in the roofing industry there is a large amount of technology it is hard to figure out what is going to provide high value for the company and for the customer. Here at Northface Construction we have spent ALOT of time researching technology that can be utilized to fulfill our mission of delivering competitive pricing with higher quality and higher customer satisfaction. The main thing we look for in our roofing technology we use is EFFICIENCY to facilitate sustainability.

So lets talk about some of the new roofing technology and products that we have implemented here at Northface Construction and the ones we are looking to add in the NEAR future!

roofing technology

Acculynx is a web based management program designed specifically for roofing, siding and storm damage companies. This management program is designed to follow the process flow of how we structure our operations. By utilizing Acculynx, Northface Construction is able to manage customers, jobs, pricing, billing and operations all at the click of a button. No customers slipping through the cracks and not being taken care of properly, no wrong amounts of material ordered, no miscommunication in our company. We are able to operate to a high volume capacity and higher quality with less resources and wasted time than than of our competitors because of this program!

roofing technology

Eagleview Technologies is a satellite imagery software company that utilizes satellites to do measurements and scopes on roofs, siding and more! We have been utilizing this technology for quite some time. There are a lot of jobs that we run across that are quite large or even dangerous to spend that amount of time measuring with a tape measure. They are able to take high quality photos and measure the roof with an amazingly impressive degree of accuracy. Of course as responsible contractors we always do in person site inspections to verify measurements and verify there are no site situations that could increase job cost or can sometimes decrease the job cost!

roofing technology

Xactimate is an estimating program that most insurance companies use for estimating claim losses on real property today. The program is based on surveyed regional data from trade contractor and pricing is structured based on that data. This program as an amazing amount of information and pricing when looking at loss claims on real property. The benefit of using this software is that when we are on an insurance claim, we are using the exact same pricing, proposal structure and resources to propose our repairs as the insurance company. It makes for a quicker, easier and more accurate way of making sure that our clients are fully compensated for their loss on the property.

roofing technology

This platform is made specifically for storm damage remodeling companies who do work associated with hail damage. When meeting with an insurance adjuster to go over a claim it is best to be prepared with the day the storm came through and a report on the wind strength and hail sizes that affected the area. The more tools and information that we can utilize the better for our clients in seeking to serve them fully. Also, this technology allows us to know which past clients of ours might have been affected by adverse weather conditions and reach out to them to make sure they know we are happy to be of resource for them again. Whether it be a free property inspection or storm damage estimate.

NEW technology we are adding in 2016

  • Drone Technology

roofing technology

With drones becoming more capable and technologically advanced, there are many ways in which we can improve our services to our clients by using drones. One way is to investigate damage on properties and document the damage in video footage. We can use the drone to minimize risk and time spent on these investigations, provide more detailed documentation and pass our savings onto our client. This is especially important when looking at large scale projects such as town homes, businesses, homeowners associations, apartments and co-ops. It will provide faster and more accurate service while minimizing liability of going up and down the ladder all day and walking around on possibly dangerous roofs. This roofing technology that we are implementing will help serve our clients to a higher capacity than that of other companies in the market today.

  • Insurance Scope Roofing Technology (Undisclosed company)

roofing technology

The roofing technology that is undisclosed is a VERY exciting add on for us this year. This company combines satellite imagery and Xactimate insurance pricing into one fast, accurate and awesome resource. What it does is utilizes satellite measuring tools and directly inputs the sizes and scope observed by our on the ground team and cloud information and develops a full report with pricing at a faster pace and more accurate than current practices. People are human and they make mistakes and miss things no matter how many procedures are made to follow. This roofing technology eliminates the risk of missing important items in an insurance claim estimate that might be overlooked in past. It uses Xactimate pricing and sets the estimate up with minimal input from our consultants to produce an accurate estimate that follows the procedures of most insurance companies. This is another way that we can maintain efficiency to pass savings on to our clients.

  • Inspection Roofing Technology (Undisclosed company)

roofing technology

We are in the BETA testing phase with the nations largest roofing manufacturer and another technology firm testing out new inspection technology. This roofing technology allows us to inspect roofs in a highly detailed format for clients that want an overall inspection of the life of their roof. It also helps minimize waste when we are building new roofs by doing pre-job roofing inspections and post-job roofing inspections. We are able to maintain that the right material and labor is on the job BEFORE it starts and a quality assurance procedure with in depth documentation at the end of the roofing installation to make sure everything is produced up to our standards. We will be able to maintain our quality and efficiency to a MUCH higher level than competitors by far!

  • Product Roofing Technology

roofing technology

We cannot forget the products that we install and offer to our clients. There are so many on the market that we have a lot of the hard work for you in finding new roofing technology in our products to provide. This year we have been working hard on implementing new products that reflect our mission and vision of sustainability and efficiency. It is very important when choosing products to offer that they not only are high quality products but also fulfill our sustainable vision. We look at the life of the product, cost-benefit analysis, the value driving features and the local availability and what effect these products have on our community as a whole. It is important to always be pursuing such things otherwise we are not moving forward and serving our customers the way we want to.

As aforementioned in all the points and roofing technology we went over in the article. We are constantly pursuing ways in which Northface Construction can find efficiency and quality procedures, roofing technology and products to serve our clients better than others. If you would like to request a FREE consultation regarding your upcoming roofing project call us today or click  GET A QUOTE We would be happy to come and show you how our roofing technology can serve you!


Free Roofing Estimates – Consultative approach

Free Roofing Estimates – Consultative approach

As the spring continues to tease us with it’s coming in Minnesota 2016. It is never too early to think about getting your home remodeling projects planned. Whether you are in need of a new roof, siding, or any other exterior renovation project, Northface Construction has you covered.We offer free estimates on roofing, siding and if you believe that you might have been subject to storm damage we offer FREE inspections and we handle those directly with your insurance company.


Most companies offer a FREE Estimate , but what you get along with that is a salesman who is looking to close the deal before understanding your needs fully. Here at Northface Construction we understand that our customers like to take charge and make their own decisions based on the presented facts. When you schedule an estimate for your roofing, siding or storm damage project with us you can be rest assured that you will not be in a high pressure selling situation. Our mission is to give you the highest level of satisfaction throughout your whole experience with Northface Construction and that starts with the initial consultation. Our motto is that we Educate, Consult and Deliver to our clients. When we are giving you an estimate on your roofing project, we start off by actively listening to what your needs are. We are highly trained on the products and systems that we install so that we can educate you on the options that would satisfy your needs and help consult you on what the best fit for your project is. But don’t forget that we deliver exceptionally high quality work and professionalism in everything that we do so you will be left with a wonderful new roofing or siding system and an experience that will be memorable!

Not only are you provided with a quality experience and work, we are able to maintain highly competitive pricing for you project. How we do this is by utilizing process management techniques that that combine efficiency and sustainability. We also use the newest technology in the market to manage and complete all of our jobs that also promote efficiency and quality. By pursuing these ways of doing business in construction we are able to pass on our savings to our clients.

Over 75% of our roofing business is referrals from past customers so you can be rest assured you are choosing the right roofing contractor. All of our work is guaranteed by our  10 year labor warranty and any applicable manufacturers warranty.

For your FREE consultative estimate please feel free to call 763-433-2269

Otsego Siding Storm Damage – The Northface Construction Difference

Not all contractors are made the same. With that being said, I wanted to talk about a recent project the we completed in Otsego, MN for some clients. The situation started with the fact that these homeowners had sustained some wind damage from a storm this last summer on their home that ripped off around 200 square feet of vinyl siding. When we met these individuals they were almost at their wits end at finding someone to come and fix the damage. The reason being that many siding contractors had told them that is was not worth the time or the money to do the job. When we first talked they were relieved to hear that Northface Construction would help them with their storm damage issues no matter how small of a job it was.

storm damage

The first time we went out there we assessed the loss and established a price for completing the work that they had requested. We were going to find the same siding and replace it back to how it had looked previously. When fixing siding Northface Construction ALWAYS researches to make sure that the existing siding is still in production so we can match the color as best we can. Upon researching the color of siding that these homeowners had on their house, we discovered that it was not produced anymore and we would have to go with a similar product to finish the repair if the homeowner wanted to.

storm damage

We here at Northface Construction do a lot of insurance restoration work from storm damage and know that in many insurance policies if the siding is not produced anymore that the insurance company must replace the ENTIRE HOUSE siding. We brought this fact to the attention of the homeowners and let them know that we could either repair the siding like we originally discussed, or they could file a claim with their insurance company to potentially replace the entire house. This brought on an interesting chain of events that changed the project from a small repair to a total storm damage siding remodel.

The insurance company approved a total storm damage siding replacement on the entire house. This was a great scenario to play out because the amount of deductible that the homeowners would have to pay was less than what the repair was to fix the existing outdated siding in the beginning!

Northface Construction and the clients were able to get a contract signed to complete the remodel of the siding storm damage on their house. We consulted them on what types of products were in the market, helped choose a beautiful exterior design of color and had our highly skilled installers complete the job up to our standards.


This project was a great project for many reasons, but there are a few that stand out above the rest. First off, no other contractors gave these homeowners the respect and time that they deserved and gave Northface Construction the opportunity to show what we are all about, and that is customer service and value. When you treat everyone with respect and listen to their needs it serves everyone better and we were able to do that. Secondly, Northface Construction has the knowledge, expertise, skills and capability to handle storm damage repairs and remodels of any scope or size. Because of our strong knowledge and experience in storm damage restoration we were able to serve this customer fully and satisfy their needs/expectations above and beyond. Lastly, these homeowners were able to not only get their problem fixed, but they were able to fully remodel the siding on their home with brand new top notch material. They were able to give their home a beautiful updated face-lift for very minimal.


“Northface Construction was very good to us.  Josh was willing to start out by taking a siding repair job and it ended up being a complete replace job. Northface installers did a clean job on install and the quality of the work is amazing.” 



If you believe that you may possibly have storm damage please call Northface Construction for a FREE inspection at 763-433-2269