Minneapolis Storm Warning Tornado Watch

Tuesday June 14th, 2016 The Minneapolis and surrounding metro areas are under a storm warning and tornado watch. Residents can expect high winds, large hail and possible tornadoes. The watch is in effect until 10 pm CST.

minneapolis storm

KARE 11 Local Severe Storms

As we brace ourselves for another of mother natures unpredictable storms there are some important things to think about before the Minneapolis storm weather comes to your home.

  • In event of a tornado from the Minneapolis storm make sure you have a place to get safety. This may be a basement, crawlspace, storm shelter or even a bathtub if no other options are available. you will want to keep you and your loved ones away from windows and doors.

  • It is always good to have a backup emergency kit for if the power or other utilities become unavailable. Such things in a kit like this may be flashlight, water, batteries, food items  etc.

  • Make sure to unplug any electronics that you want to protect if lightening strikes from the Minneapolis storm. Surge protectors will provide some safety for your valuable personal files and electronics but unplugging such items is the safest way to make sure the information on them and the item itself is safe from damage.

  • Are all of your belongings that are susceptible to wind or hail in safe location? (vehicles, personal belongings, plants etc.) If you can place these items so they can be shielded form high winds or falling hail such as inside a garage or under shelter to protect them.

If the Minneapolis storm severe weather does affect you or your home it can cause all sorts of damage. From hail damage to wind damage it is important that after the storm you make sure than your home and your possessions are accounted for and are safe. Look for items that may have blown away and make sure to do a walk around your home to see if there are any changes to your roofing or siding. High winds can cause shingles or siding to become detached and may lead to potential leaks.

If you have shingles or siding missing after the storm it is important to call a LOCAL contractor such as Northface Construction IMMEDIATELY to come and address the issue. We will come and either fix the damage on the spot or provide temporary tarping or other boarding up services to protect the rest of your home.

If you had hail at your house it is important to take pictures of the hail left on the ground and to call Northface Construction to come and assess if there is hail damage to you shingles and other areas of your home. Hail damage usually cannot be seen from the ground so it is important to have a professional HAAG Engineering Certified inspector come and assess the potential damage.

We hope that this information is helpful to all of you, please share with family and friends so they can follow the right steps to protect themselves and their property during severe weather such as today.

If you need immediate assistance tonight June 14th, 2016 call 24 hours for immediate response and assistance if you are having leaks or severe damage. We will be on call to service homeowners all night.

CALL 763-433-2269 or 844-612-HAIL

Why you NEED a Manufacturer Certified Roofing Contractor

There are a lot of contractors in Elk River and the surrounding Minneapolis market that contract roofing for residential projects. With so many options in the market, how can you be sure you are choosing the best contractor to suit YOUR needs? When searching for the right roofing contractor it is a good idea to review their online reviews, their references, look at past work, make sure they have insurance, proper tools, can be on schedule and many other things.  Overall, there are many variables that come into play when choosing the right roofing contractor for you in the Minneapolis market. The one that is not stressed enough comes after the job is done, how good is your warranty?

In most cases in residential roofing there are two types of warranties, a labor warranty and a manufacturers warranty. A labor warranty in the state of Minnesota is required by law for roofing contractors. This labor warranty covers any defect of installation that may cause issues at a later date and other installation issues that could come about. As long as you are using a reputable contractor that has an established warranty outline you should be covered if any workmanship issues arise. The manufacturers warranty is the part of the roof that is not fully understood by the majority of homeowners.

Manufacturers warranties cover the actual roofing material and its ability to satisfy it’s purpose of giving you the guaranteed usability. In the current roofing market, many people will refer to an architectural style shingle as a “Lifetime” shingle. This is because, what was previously known as a 30 year shingle, has been upgraded to what is known as “Lifetime”. In the definitions of most manufacturers a “Lifetime” is 50 years. This is a good thing for homeowners in the aspect that they get 50 years of coverage on the useful life of their shingle. However, most of these warranties are limited warranties and depreciate after 5-10 years. Not only is the value of the roof depreciated, but usually after the 5-10 years the warranty only covers the actual material. This means that labor, permits, trash removal and other things are not included. So technically at year 11 of your roof if you find out that the shingles are faulty, you will more than likely pay for most of the roofing process out of pocket. But, don’t worry there is an answer to this problem.


The answer to this issue is an easy aspect to overlook when picking out the right roofing contractor for your remodel. Most manufacturers have a type of certified installer designation for contractors in the market. What this means is that these contractors meet the criteria for quality installation and other variables that the manufacturer endorses and will provide better than the standard limited warranty. When you pick a roofing contractor to do your roof that is a manufacturer certified installer you can upgrade you warranty to most of the time be a nondepreciating warranty that includes labor, material, permits and dumpster costs. Usually this warranty is highly affordable and is registered with the manufacturer certifying that a contractor they approve of installed it and they have record of the size, scope, products and price it was to do the job. This warranty is usually transferable to the next owner as well and are usually applicable on commercial projects as well.


Northface Construction is a GAF Certified Installer When we install a roof that has GAF shingles installed we always encourage our clients to choose a Systems Plus Warranty. This is because when they choose this warranty, it is not depreciated, a GAF Systems Plus Warranty covers all aspects of the roofing process, is transferable, it apply to commercial projects, AND adjusts to inflation as well.


The warranty offered by GAF has no competitors for the amount of quality warranty you get. GAF shingles are the #1 Installed shingles in the U.S. and for good reasons. They look and perform phenomenal and we are proud to be Certified by them.

If you are interested in hearing more about the benefits of roofing your home, business or even cabin with GAF shingles we would love to give you a FREE consultation!

763-433-2269 or 844-612-4245 

Northface Construction Core Values – Roofing

Northface Construction Core Values

When you hire a construction company to contract work on your home, the experience produces a lasting impression. This impression may be through the beautiful remodel that the company provided for you, the smooth experience, or the wonderful details that they left in their quality craftsmanship. These types of construction experiences that develop a lasting lifetime relationship between you and your contractor. This construction company will be your first and last call for service, consulting and projects in the future.

The problem is, in the roofing, siding and storm damage part of the construction industry, these types of contractors are few and far between. The reason for this is because of the large amount of need that has arose for such contractors when harsh weather hits. A lot of companies who are reputable roofing and siding experts in the local area get overwhelmed during storm damage times. This opens up the need for more companies to handle all the large amounts of work. The companies that arise in the midst of this chaos are usually recently started, from out of town or companies that quite frankly do not keep happy customers and are usually struggling.

At Northface Construction we believe in customer service through process management and use of technology. Our process relies on our skilled tradesmen, honest customer support team and visionary management. We educate, consult and deliver to our clients in any way that we can serve them. Homeowners want a contractor to call their own for a lifetime. It is very important to us as a roofing and siding company to maintain a solid business structure that does not rely on yearly hail storms to keep us around. Northface construction roofing and siding divisions are structured to serve customers and maintain our integrity through times that do not bring storm damage, times of recession and adverse industry changes in the future. We believe in maintaining a core business that embraces sustainability; economic, social and environmental sustainability. Our roofing division is dedicated to efficiency through process, asset and resource management. This means our customers are being presented with top quality experience, craftsmanship and reliability for highly competitive pricing.

Northface Construction maintains these core values of sustainability and customer service in the roofing and siding industry in Elk River. We develop lasting relationships with our clients so we may serve them for years in the future. We have knowledge, resources and contacts that share our values, so our clients call us for referrals to people they can trust for other services.

As a whole, Northface Construction remains the roofing company of choice in Elk River, Minnesota. We strive to serve as many clients as possible that deserve our exemplary services. Northface Construction will become the roofing contractor of choice in the Minneapolis metro area and beyond.

If you feel that you would like to experience working with a roofing company that conducts itself in the manner that Northface Construction does. Please give us a call at 763-433-2269 we would love to hear from you!