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Sunday June 11th, 2017 severe weather developed in the Twin Cities, Minnesota area leaving damage in it’s path. Residents who may have been affected by hail and wind need to contact their trusted local MN Blaine roofing contractor Northface Construction to investigate potential hail or wind damage on their home, business or association. Northface Construction is a fully licensed and insured general contractor that specializes in roofing, siding and storm damage remodeling and is a great resource for Blaine area affected residents. Please reference the below map to look at where hail damage was reported by our hail tracking software.


blaine roofing contractor

If you or someone you know has a residence in the Blaine or surrounding areas their residence may have been affected by the Blaine Storm Damage on Sunday June 11th, 2017. If this is the case they should contact Northface Construction for a 100% FREE damage assessment as we are the top Blaine Roofing Contractor. We provide a free damage assessment and document any hail or wind related damages that may have occurred. Northface Construction will also meet your insurance company adjuster to present the damage findings and determine a real market value for the repair of the Storm Damage. We are highly versed in the process of contracting insurance claim projects and provide the top quality customer service and workmanship to our clients which is why over 75% of our projects are referrals from past customers.

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"We had Northface Construction re-roof our lake cabin. The work was finished as we requested, on time, and everything was left neat and clean when the job was done. Josh was very easy to work with and we would recommend Northface to anyone."

Paul B. August 12, 2015

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As your local Blaine Roofing Contractor we provide a value driven experience from the moment we first meet you. We are fully licensed and insured and provide exceptional labor and material warranties on all of our work. In comparison with other Blaine Roofing Contractor companies, you will find our process is client-based and NOT high pressure. We educate, consult and deliver to our clients so they can have as smooth as a process as possible with the best quality work. We abide by all local codes and legal requirements as set forth by the state of Minnesota and all local jurisdictions that we do business in.

We are not only a Blaine roofing contractor, Northface Construction is your Blaine storm damage contractor. We will handle the whole project from start to finish, including roofing, siding, fascia, gutters, garage doors, windows, doors etc. We are your one and only Blaine roofing contractor that you will need to repair you back to pre-storm condition.

blaine roofing contractor

As a Master-Elite certified contractor for GAF we are able to provide up to 25 year labor warranties paired with FREE lifetime shingle warranties on all of our roofs. Northface construction is considered in the top 3% of roofing contractors by the largest manufacturer in the nation. GAF actually comes and inspects our roof installations to make sure we are providing you with the top quality work in the market. GAF has taken the worry out of choosing a Blaine Roofing Contractor.

We are on appointments RIGHT NOW in Blaine and surrounding areas inspecting homes for damage and the following are some photos of the roofing impacts from hail on shingles and siding.

blaine roofing contractorblaine roofing contractorblaine roofing contractorblaine roofing contractor

It is important to choose the right contractor to hire for the work on your  home or business in result of the Blaine Storm Damage. Many companies in the market today are volume driven and the client does not get the attention or quality they deserve as a paying customer. Northface Construction will have our Certified Inspector perform a detailed damage assessment and will give you an honest opinion on whether you have experienced a loss on your property from the Blaine Storm Damage. We do not advise homeowners to file claims that are not justified because we are a highly trained and professional Blaine roofing contractor that seeks client satisfaction over volume business.

If you would like a FREE damage assessment from your Blaine Roofing Contractor Northface Construction for your property that may have been affected by the Storm Damage please give us a call at 844-612-HAIL or 763-433-2269

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GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor

We are very excited to announce that we are now officially a Master Elite Certified GAF Roofing contractor. This is especially exciting for us as well as for our customers. We have been striving for this designation for a long time and after a lot of hard work it has finally happened!

gaf master elite

What this means for our customers is that since Northface Construction is a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor we are able to provide the absolute best warranties in the market hands down! All of these warranties are backed by the largest shingle manufacturer in America! We can provide 10 and 25 year labor warranties backed by GAF alongside the Lifetime material warranty! These warranties are worth a lot for a homeowner looking for peace of mind and quality.

We have met and exceeded the #1 largest shingle manufacturer in the USA, GAF’s qualifications and quality checklist to become Master Elite Certified Roofing Contractors. But, it doesn’t end there, they will continue to verify our quality installs with inspections of our workmanship.

We have taken the worry away of hiring a roofing contractor as Master Elite Roofing Contractors. This is because certified firms have to go through so many qualifications and inspections to become this level! That way as a homeowner you know you are choosing the best company to use in your area.

As a roofing customer of a Master Elite Roofing Contractor such as Northface Construction for your roofing project you will have a Lifetime material warranty that is better than what you can get buying from any other contractor or big box store. You will also be able to get labor warranties up to 25 years! You will never have to worry about replacing your roof ever again. If you are thinking that hail could change that we can install Class 4 impact resistant GAF shingles that can also reduce your insurance premiums!

As a Master Elite Roofing Contractor Northface Construction has taken the worry out of choosing a company to utilize. We have been vetted and are in the top 3% in the market. So when you need to consider replacing your roof make sure give us a call!

roofing contractor

If you are looking to hire the top in your local area to provide you with a Lifetime Roofing system we would be happy to provide a FREE estimate and consultation!

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Wind and Hail Damage Minnesota

Today July 5th, 2016 the Western Minnesota and Twin cities Metro area were hit with high wind and hail damage. Many cities were affected with downed trees and large hail. If you have had wind damage or hail damage from the storm and need the help of a licensed contractor please call 844-612-HAIL or 763-433-2269. Northface Construction specializes in weather related emergency construction in the Metro and Central Minnesota Areas. If you have had shingles blown off or a tree fallen on your home from the wind and hail damage we will come out and perform temporary repairs to make sure that your home is secure and not susceptible to further damage.


Winds were reported in excess of 70 miles per hour with hail in the mix in some areas. This wind and hail damage can be catastrophic to the roofing and siding on your home. Potential issues could be leaks and loss of usable life of your siding or roof. Northface Construction will come and do a thorough overview and assess the damages and advise you on the best action to take to make sure that your home is repaired properly and back to how it wass before the wind and hail damage.

Some cities affected that were reported by the NOAA to have been affected by wind and hail damage include but are not limited to: Andover, Blaine, Hanover, St. Michael, Buffalo, Annandale, Brooklyn Park, Brookly Center, Maple Grove, Plymouth, Dayton, Osseo, Champlin, Anoka, Coon Rapids, Rogers, Cosmos, Crystal, New Hope, New Brighton, St Anthony, Columbia Heights, South haven, Kimball, Edina, Eden Prairie, Excelsior, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Roseville, Shoreview and numerous others. Please Reference the map from the NOAA and our hail tracking software map to see if your location might have been affected.

wind and hail damagewind and hail damage

Wind and hail damage can be highly sporadic and random in nature. If you think you may have been affected CALL TODAY for a FREE no obligation inspection of your property at 763-433-2269 or 844-612-HAIL


Wheaton Storm Damage

Sunday June 12th, 2016 severe weather developed in western Minnesota and the Dakotas leaving damage in it’s path. Residents may be affected by hail and wind need to contact their trusted local MN storm damage contractor Northface Construction to investigate potential hail or wind damage on their cabin or home. Northface Construction is a fully licensed and insured general contractor that specializes in roofing, siding and storm damage remodeling and is a great resource for Wheaton Storm Damage affected residents. Please reference the below map to look at where hail damage was reported by our hail tracking software.

wheaton storm damage

If you or someone you know has a residence in the Wheaton, Browns Valley or Traverse county areas their residence may have been affected by the Wheaton Storm Damage on Sunday June 13th, 2016. If this is the case they should contact Northface Construction for a 100% FREE damage assessment. We provide a free damage assessment and document any hail or wind related damages that may have occurred. Northface Construction will also meet your insurance company adjuster to present the damage findings and present a real market value for the repair of the Wheaton Storm Damage. We are highly versed in the process of contracting insurance claim projects and provide the top quality customer service and workmanship to our clients which is why over 75% of our projects are referrals from past customers.

It is important to choose the right contractor for the work on your cabin or home caused by the Wheaton Storm Damage. Many companies in the market today are volume driven and the client does not get the attention or quality they deserve as a paying customer. Northface Construction will have their HAAG Engineering Certified Inspector perform a detailed damage assessment and will give you an honest opinion on whether you have experienced a loss of life on your property from the Wheaton Storm Damage. We do not advise homeowners to file claims that are not justified because we are trained and certified by HAAG Engineering which is the basis of hail identification training for many insurance company adjusters.

If you would like a FREE damage assessment for your property that may have been affected by the Wheaton Storm Damage please give us a call at 844-612-HAIL or 763-433-2269

Roofing Contractor Recognition and Affiliation – Northface Construction

The toughest part of choosing a roofing contractor is knowing who to trust. As talked about in our previous post How to Find a Trusted Roofing Company  there are important steps you can take to make sure you are finding the proper roofing contractor for your project. But, what types of affiliations does a company have and how do each of those establish that this roofing contractor is the one to work with?

  1. BBB

    • The Better Business Bureau is an establishment that holds businesses accountable for their practices in the marketplace and give a rating associated with the overall ethics and satisfaction that a roofing contractor  is conducting business. Companies can elect to become an Accredited member by paying membership dues and agreeing to abide by the BBB Code of Conduct.
  2. Manufacturer Certification

    • Roofing contractors can be manufacturer certified for different brands of shingles on the market. They must abide by manufacturer specification for installation, a code of conduct in business practices and have an outstanding track record of quality work to become certified. With being certified, the roofing contractor is being backed by the actual manufacturer of the product they install, which is a BIG deal. Most of these certifications by manufacturers also enables the contractor to provide much better warranty coverage than that of a typical contractor who is not certified. This is a HUGE plus because these stronger warranties could save the homeowner thousands in the future for a low cost up front.
  3. Houzz

    • Houzz is a social media type home style and decor site which allows contractors and other home products or designers to showcase their work and interact with potential clients. It allows residential consumers to look at photos and styles and add them to a portfolio to save and plan for their upcoming project or redesign. Houzz is very unique in the fact that is allows consumers to interact with professionals and ask questions about the showcased work. Companies who are awarded service awards by Houzz are chose because of their highly positive reviews and past interactions with clients which is another good insight into how a roofing contractor serves their clients.
  4. Angie’s List

    • Angie’s List requires roofing contractors to have at least one review from a current Angie’s List subscriber before they can be a service providing member. The site relies on actual reviews from REAL clients to judge on the overall experience and performance of work provided by the contractor. So not only do companies need to abide by a code of ethics, they really do need to satisfy their clients to be listed as a top provider. If a company receives an Angie’s list award or even is a service providing member you can know that this company is vetted, tried and tested.
  5. Trade Associations

    • Trade associations are a great indication of a companies trustworthiness and it shows insight into their culture as well. If a roofing contractor or other type of contractor is an active member in a local association it can be a good indication of their care for their local community and how they uphold strong ethics in how they do business. Most associations have strong missions that will incorporate an ethical standard of it’s members and seek to improve the community in which they serve.
  6. Chambers of Commerce

    • The local chamber of commerce is another affiliation that a reputable roofing contractor might have. Like trade associations, your local chamber of commerce with have business standards that it upholds for it’s members. It also is another way to see the insight of the culture of the roofing contractor you are looking to do business with and their care for the community in which they serve.
  7. Online Reviews

    • Online reviews can be found in many local listing spots such as Google, Houzz, Angie’s List, Yelp, BBB etc.. These will give you as a consumer a full overview of what type of quality experience and craftsmanship they provide to real local clients that have had experience. The value of online reviews for potential consumers and roofing contractors alike is immeasurable. Because not only can you get a full view of the company but, contractors can find out how they can serve their clients better. Another indication of the companies integrity is how they address and respond to bad reviews.

We here at Northface Construction believe that as a consumer you are best served by us through providing relevant and valuable information that can provide you with the tools to make an informed decision. your home is your biggest asset and that is why we promise to Educate, Consult and Deliver on the services we provide so you are satisfied with your experience to the fullest extent possible. If you would like to talk more about your upcoming exterior renovation project please give us a call at 763-433-2269 and we would be happy to provide you with a free estimate and consultation.

Northface Construction Roofing Company History


Josh Swisher, President and founder of Northface Construction started in the roofing industry at age 15 working for his neighbor. He started as a “gopher” laborer and through the 5 years working for that company became his employers right-hand man. Josh then started pursuing his college career while continuing to complete roofing and exterior remodeling projects as an independent contractor providing labor for numerous contractors. During his college career Josh was being asked by numbers of aquaintances and friends to do their roofing projects for them as he had a gained a reputation of quality and honesty in his work and takes great pride in what he does. So in 2010 Josh established Northface Construction and obtained his Minnesota Home Builders licence (BC665389). From that point forward, the company began to grow while Josh was still in college. The more roofing projects Northface Construction did the more referrals and people started reaching out to have their roofing projects contracted by us.


Today, Northface Construction operates with the vision of delivering quality through craftsmanship, processes and relationships. We do this through use of technology and standardized business operating procedures that facilitate efficiency and quality. Josh has a vision of bringing the opinion of roofing contractors to a higher level one client at a time. Northface treats it’s clients as project partners whose goal is the same as ours, to complete your roofing project in a fast, efficient, and cost effective manner with high quality craftsmanship.


Picking the right contractor for your roofing project can be a hard decision. It is best practice to get multiple bids, question each contractor on how they will complete the project, verify references provided, verify insurance and licensing etc… Most reputable roofing contractors should be able to provide all of the previously mentioned factors without much issue. But, when you are at the point of really making a decision on who to choose what will be the deciding factor? We believe it is trust.

Trust is gained through experience, honesty, reputation and many other factors. But, in the fast-paced technology driven world it is hard to know the right roofing contractor to trust and the one who sells their way into gaining your trust. Here at Northface Construction it is important to us to build our reputation through our client base more than anything else. The reason being that when someone you know and trust can refer you to another party you know they have been vetted, tried and tested. Our customers are our greatest advocates here at Northface Construction and it has all started from a humble beginning.

If you are interested in meeting us and talking about your next roofing project please call 763-433-2269 for a free consultation

How To Find A Trusted Roofing Company

It is our goal here at Northface Construction to Educate, Consult and Deliver to our clients. A way of doing that is by providing this vital information to use when searching for a roofing company to trust with your roofing project. We have compiled a list of qualifications to look for and ways to make sure you are choosing a trusted roofing company.

  1. Are they licensed?

    • Most states require licensing though the Department of Labor and industry (DOLI) if you are a roofing company.  Minnesota is a state that DOES require licensing for roofing companies to be able to pull permits and complete roofing projects. To check the license status of a company go to DOLI License Lookup tool on their website.
  2. Are they Insured?

    • Minnesota requires a roofing company to have minimum insurance policies in good standing to maintain their licensing with the state of Minnesota. However, DOLI only checks in on that insurance during time of license application and renewal. So DO NOT assume the roofing company has currently active insurance policies if they say that they are required to for licensing. Always verify that they are insured for the work that they are completing
  3. Do they have references?

    • Many roofing companies can give you references, so the important part of this is to do you due diligence when you receive these references. You should contact these references and not only get the opinion of the company and the quality of the work but ask how they solved this references issues and what types of specific efforts did they make to satisfy their needs. This will give you not only an indication of if the roofing company can perform the work in a quality way but if they really are seeking to satisfy your needs in the way you need them met for your roofing project.
  4. Do they have photos of past work?

    • Photos tell a good story, but only when they are high quality and aimed at the details. You want to be able to see the straight courses of shingles on the roof. See how they silicone exposed nail heads, how they make sure they install ice and water barrier etc.. If the roofing company can only supply bad quality not detail oriented photos, or they are only from the street etc. You may want to find out where these houses are and do drive by and see if the product matches what they say.
  5. What are their online reviews like?

    • The beauty of technology today is we are connected to anything and everything we can think of. There are numerous websites that you can check a companies reviews on such as Yelp, BBB, Google, Houzz, Angie’s List, Facebook etc.. These online reviews tell a great amount about a roofing company in not only the quality of the craftsmanship but how they treat their clients and how satisfied those clients are. But, the thing to remember is if you do see a bad review about the roofing company, make sure you look to see how the situation was handled or if the client ended up satisfied by the company in the end. There are always going to be issues at some point in time for every company, but it is just as important how they address these issues as much as it is how often these types of issues occur.
  6. What additional certifications do they have?

    • By looking at what types of certifications a roofing company has you can tell a lot about what they can offer in terms of knowledge, warranties, extra value, quality and their pursuit of customer service. If they are constantly keeping up with certifications installing the newest products, technology and service approaches you can bet that they are ahead of the curves and know how to serve their client to a higher satisfaction level than that of your typical hometown roofing company.
  7. How soon can they complete the project?

    • This may seem odd as a way to find a trusted roofing contractor, but I think it is a creative way to see how realistic they are on accomplishing completion and to weed out the desperate roofing company. If they say they can get to work within a day or two either one of two things are happening; they had an opening that needs to be filled and the stars have aligned in a way that it is practical to complete, but, in most cases this can be a sign of a desperate roofing company who does not have a strong book of business already going. A reasonable timeline once a project has been contracted is to be able to start the job a week later at the soonest.
  8. What does your gut tell you?

    • When it comes to important decisions such as choosing the roofing company to complete your project I personally believe that trusting your gut feeling can usually be a good indicator. If you smell BS and your gut tells you so, do not move forward. You should feel comfortable with the roofing company and the individual representing them and the decision to move forward with that roofing company should be an easy decision to make because you feel trust in their capabilities as well as their character.

I hope this is able to give some good insight for how to choose a trusted roofing company and helps avoid the catastrophic situations that can arise when a unreliable roofing company is hired. Northface Construction has had many situations where we have been contacted to fix what was left behind or have been told of bad stories of situations homeowners have been left in when they chose a company without fully vetting them. If you have any questions or comments please share your thoughts!

Josh Swisher


Northface Construction LLC

Metal Roofing Contractor – Elk River, MN

Metal Roofing Solutions – What you need to know

Part of our mission here at Northface Construction is to be a sustainable company in multiple ways. To help continue to fulfill that promise, we offer metal roofing solutions for residential and commercial roofing applications. We pride ourselves in being consciously pursuing economic sustainability, social sustainability and environmental sustainability. The metal roofing solutions are an opportunity to fulfill those pursuits from another angle.

Metal roofing can come in many forms, shingle, corrugated sheet, standing seam etc. The benefits of metal are that it is highly resistant to weather in severe applications, is energy efficient, has longevity in its lifespan and has a wonderfully clean look to it. As an Elk River based roofing contractor, we strive to satisfy all the possible needs of our clients who need roofing solutions in the Minneapolis metro and surrounding areas.

When analyzing a possible metal roofing project there are a few key things to consider such as; what type of profile you are interested in having, what color selection, what gauge thickness of metal, and the budget you would like to maintain.  In comparison to asphalt shingle roofs, usually metal roofs will cost more depending on the application or circumstance. What will determine the cost of your metal roofing project will depend on what type of profile you would like for your metal such as; corrugated, standing seam etc. The gauge thickness of the metal will have an effect on the price of the project, the thicker the metal the more costly the project will be. Some other factors that can effect the cost of a metal roof are how high, steep or complicated is the roof of the structure. The higher, steeper, and more complicated the roof is to install the new metal roofing the costlier the install will be.

Typically a corrugated or commonly referred to as an exposed fastener roof or pole barn roof is the most efficient type of metal roofing in regards to cost. This style metal roofing can be done with less complicated bends, and easier installation. This style is laid in sheets and screws with watertight grommets are used to fasten the material to the roof decking.


(Corrugated Roofing Above)

Another common option is standing seam metal roofing. This type of metal roofing is installed using hidden flanges that are fastened to the roof decking and hidden by the next piece giving a smooth clean look to the roof. These require a little more custom bending work and slower install than a corrugated roof install so they tend to be more costly than a corrugated style metal roof.


(Standing Seam Roof Above)



Here at Northface Construction based out of Elk River, MN we provide metal roofing solutions for residential and commercial applications with both corrugated sheet metal roofing and standing seam metal roofing.  As mentioned earlier, we believe in sustainability so the material provider that we use for our metal roofing material is Central States Manufacturing, INC. out of South Dakota right here in the midwest region. The reason we choose to use their products is from a sustainable viewpoint. They are very close and have a direct effect on local jobs, have faster turn around time on supplying material to us to maintain job quickness and efficiency. Central States Manufacturing also has highly competitive pricing for a higher quality product than many other metal roofing manufacturers.

If you are interested in a FREE no obligation consultative meeting to learn more about your metal roofing options we would be happy to come and present our services and products for your review. 763-433-2269


Join our Roofing Team – Project Consultant Position

Project Consultant


Position Description:

If you are a skilled salesperson who cares about quality services, this is your opportunity to join a fast growing company. Possibility to earn $50-120K annually while learning about residential construction and roofing from one of the highest growing sustainable companies in the business. You will be directly rewarded for your individual efforts, reflected in your commissions & bonuses. Advancement is rapid as we remain highly lucrative and are poised for a very profitable 2016. Experience as a Storm Damage Rep is a big plus!

Northface Construction specializes in exterior renovation, roofing and remodeling.  This position will meet with homeowners and business owners, educating them about the company and the services we offer, provide estimates, provide excellent customer service, establish sales and manage jobs.

Position Requirements:

  • Highly self-motivated and people oriented
  • Strong communication skills (verbal/written)
  • Persuasive, assertive, strong negotiation & selling skills
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Perform roofing inspections (be comfortable with heights)
  • Responsible, organized, with superior planning skills
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Commitment to quality and customer satisfaction
  • Sales and/or management experience preferred, but not required
  • Ability to knock on homeowner’s door or other cold-call techniques

Successful Candidates will:

  • Have a strong passion towards maintaining positive working relationships
  • Have high comfort level with strong networking techniques and cold calling
  • Have a team oriented mindset towards company mission and vision
  • Have a high personal sense of accountability
  • Have a mindset open to learning and personal growth on a daily basis
  • Have an entrepreneurial mindset

We offer

Highly competitive commission structure- you will receive a draw of commission upon job approval, and full commission will be paid upon job completion.

BONUSES when sales goals are met

Training with an abundance of resources and support. We also continue to educate our workforce on new technology by continuing education for success.

Strong support system that facilitates success by coaching and motivating

Potential to join a game-changing company that has goals and strategy towards customer satisfaction and efficient process management

A management system that recognizes ideas and individual contributions

Top of the industry technology at your fingertips to differentiate us from our competitors

To Apply: Please EMAIL cover letter and resume to NFCONSTRUCTIONMN@GMAIL.COM

GAF Timberline Roofing Shingles


Getting a new roof can be an important decision, because it’s a big investment in your home. Roof installation is expensive, and you need to choose the right materials, both for the look and the performance of your roof. When making this choice, you want the best value you can get for your investment and that is why Northface Construction recommends GAF Timberline roofing shingles.


A roof is one of the most important parts of a house structure, and problems there can cause headaches in many other areas of the house. Roof leaks can result in wood rot, mold and mildew, peeling paint, and even damage to the foundation of the house. It’s important to get your roof evaluated by a qualified roofing professional every few years to make sure there are no problems with it.

When the time comes for replacing your roof, one of the best options on the market are the GAF Timberline Shingles. They are a great option for roofs because they are durable, and protect against leaks, buckling, and  blowing off during storms and high winds. They have a Class A fire rating, too, which makes them ultra safe. Timberline shingles come in a wide variety of color blends, and they are easy to install. They are priced to fit in with all budgets. These shingles can complement any home’s style, and they look good for decades. A Timberline shingle can take pretty much the worst in weather — wind, rain, hail, snow, sleet, intense heat or cold. There are many types of roofing materials you can look at when you’re making a decision about getting a new roof installed, but Timberline shingles have a lot to recommend them. That’s probably why they’re consistently one of the top selling brands of shingles in North America.


By picking Northface Construction to roof your home and GAF Timberline shingles you are able to have not only a limited 50 year warranty but a 50 year non-prorated manufacturers warranty. Northface Construction is a certified weather stopper contractor for GAF and we provide warranties on our roofing systems that provide the absolute best coverage for your investment. So when you are trying to decide what route to go on you up coming roofing project please give us a call for a FREE estimate! 763-433-2269