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Achieving Goals With a Clear Strategy

Posted by Northface Construction  - Owner & Founder

Here at Northface Construction we believe in Growth. Not just business growth, but personal growth using strategy! It is a very important subject in regards to your future aspirations and the person you want to be. We believe that through the pursuit of personal growth you can change your perspective, satisfaction in life and your relationships for the better! If you are not moving forward you are falling behind (theoretically speaking).

We have laid out a few simple steps that we use when looking at how we want to improve and where we want to be in the future that we learned from business strategic management theory.

Note from the owner:

“I thoroughly enjoy talking about aspirations and dreams, seeing the excitement and positive thinking in others gives me a satisfaction in my personal and professional life that I cannot substitute with anything else! I have been lucky enough to have had great teachers and mentors to learn a lot of this theory and strategy. It gives me vast excitement to share some of what I have learned with all of you!”

Josh Swisher


Where this all starts, and stops is STRATEGY. Well, DUH right? Everyone has a strategy, from what groceries are the best bang for the buck, to how you are going to save and afford that house you are looking at. Yes, we all have strategies, our own goals and objectives to reach. You might say that you are strategically taking college classes to gain the skills to get that dream job. These are all in their own types of strategic approach. What I want to point out is that do any of us actually develop a deliberative strategy to reach those dreams or goals? Probably not, at least not purpose, or with a goal in mind and that is normal for most people.

What I want to talk about is just a simple way of looking at your personal and professional dreams/goals and developing a strategic plan to achieve those. Professional goals within your business can be achieved by incorporating OKRs into your plan. For any readers wondering what is an OKR, it’s a goal setting and tracking method that can help people achieve their professional goals much more effectively. However, this is just one way of achieving goals. Social media has also been picking up steam as an avenue to better connect with like-minded individuals. This is something that is an ever-changing approach as you grow and your dreams grow and life changes. These ideas and structures I hope can serve as a building block to developing a strategy to achieve what you want.

Make a list of your dreams to achieve

This list is not written in stone like the Ten Commandments, it will change as you change. But, I bet there are some things that will stay similar. Making a list of what you want short term or long term will make it tangible. Use this list to keep focused on what is important to you, look at it all the time. For the business oriented folks out there I like to think of this list as a Vision statement of sorts. It identifies where you want to be in the future and will tell a subtle story about what you value.

How would I do that?

This is the question we all ask, it’s the question worth a lot if we knew the perfect answer. But as ambiguous and mystical it may seem, it has answers. Not in the form of a single answer, but in many. Every goal has roadmap to success, you need to put your thinking cap on and think very literally, what steps does someone take to do that? For me the big one was, how do I become a successful contractor? Well, first you need a license to even be a contractor. So how do I become a contractor? You need insurance, a business, education and a little bit of money to pay for these things. Ok, now what is the first step to getting that money to pay for those things?

These are the questions you need to ask yourself. The ones that will have answers! All of these answers have questions of their own and keep making them tangible and finding simple answers. This may seem stupid of obvious, but we all forget that it all starts with the small things, and those build to something bigger!

Make SMART Goals

What the heck are SMART goals? Well it all comes from business ideas I learned at school for strategic management for organizations. I think this structure can be applied to your personal life as well as professional. SMART stands for;






Now take that list of answers to questions we just discussed and turn them into SMART goals. Back to the contractor example; I needed to have XYZ amount of dollars to do the classes I needed to qualify to receive the licensing. So I knew I wanted to have it ASAP, but how fast could I save that money? I set a goal to save up XYZ amount by December XYZ this year. It is so simple, that was a SMART goal. It was specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic and timely. It was so simple, I just solved one part of the huge end goal and that is huge in itself. One small piece to the puzzle was found and put in place. Set up little SMART goals to achieve what you want. They can be so small, but they add up faster than you would believe if you really want to succeed in your pursuit of your dream. It all starts somewhere!

Check on those SMART goals

Ok, so you have SMART goals and you are achieving them. That is great and that is what you want to do. But, what about the ones that you are not fulfilling? We all have those, and that is normal. That just means that you need to check on those and give them a little modification or get rid of them!

Ask yourself again, is this still an answer to the bigger question? If it isn’t, ask why. If it is close to being the answer to the big question, then maybe it needs modification. You may have been a little too tight on the time frame of achievement, or you were too broad in what you thought the answer was. It doesn’t matter why, what does matter is that you are reflecting on these and keeping them relevant. This is an ever-changing pursuit, circumstances change, finances change, schedules change etc. Just because it was not achieved does not mean failure, because failure is absolutely a myth and is actually growth (But that is another subject). The main point is as long as you’re constantly reflecting and critically thinking on these then you are on the right path.

In conclusion, I have found this approach to be the right one for me. It keeps me focused on what is current and relevant and not distracted by the size of the long term goals I want to achieve. It is easy to psych yourself out real quick when it comes to dreams and goals. In my short term on this earth, my personal observations are that people will settle real quickly for what is easy and comfortable when confronted with a mountain to climb. The sad part is, it doesn’t have to be a mountain, it can be a stroll up short hills and once you look back you can say “Holy Crap! I am that close!?” I believe that anyone can do anything they set their mind to. Sometimes we all need help, and I hope that this post can keep you personally feeling like you can achieve what you put your mind to, and to know that you CAN do it!


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