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Welcome to the Herd: Around Elk River

Posted by Northface Construction  - Owner & Founder

Welcome to the Herd! This is the first installment of our new series where we’ll talk about what makes Elk River one of the best places to live, work, and explore in Minnesota.

Elk River is a town that has a rich history. Way back in 1805, Zebulon Pike made his way through Elk River while exploring the Mississippi River. While in the area, he noticed large herds of elk that made the land along the river home. Sure enough, he decided to name the land Elk River. The city is highlighted by its vibrant art scene, illustrated by the many downtown murals. But the area is also known for its abundance of outdoor and indoor activities alike, which keeps the citizens busy and active while bringing in out of towners who want to experience all that Elk River has to offer.

With the first, “Welcome to the Herd” post, we’re going to show-off our joint office with Construction2Style in downtown Elk River, right along the Mississippi.

Not many people can say that they work in a vintage movie theater, but we can! If you come to our offices to pay us a visit, you may be confused at first when you’re outside. But, after working your way down the hallway and into our workspace, you’ll see that we’ve done a good job at tricking out our office (We have Morgan Molitor from C2S to thank for that, but we like to think we helped a decent amount too 🙂 )

Our office section is a little barer than Construction2Style’s side, but hey, they are the interior designers, so that makes sense. Also, we do most of our work mobile most of the time, so we have a good excuse. However, the communal room right when you walk in the door creates a welcoming environment, with a gorgeous wooden table and neutral colors. It’s a great spot for client meetings.

elk river

Look out of our windows, and you’ll see a gorgeous view of the river, where kayaking and fishing are common and summer events along the shore are frequent.

“A lot of times people don’t realize how cute Elk River is until they actually come here for a client meeting,” Says Morgan, “There are local breweries next door and mom and pop restaurants all over.”

Elk River is full of tons of fantastic restaurants. Daddy-O’s Cafe is a local staple and features some of the best burgers, fries and shakes you’ll ever have. The Olde Main Eatery has been serving great breakfast for quite some time, to both locals and visitors alike. If you like pizza, Pompei Pizza is a must and one of our favorites.

Just a short walk away from our office is also the AEGIR Brewing Company, which is named after a giant from Norse mythology who brewed beer for the gods. Yeah, we think that’s awesome too.

Overall, we have a lot of fun working together in our office. During our downtime, when we’re not working on creating dream homes for our clients, Elk River is the perfect spot for hanging out with friends and socializing after work.

With this series, we’re hoping to open up more Minnesotans to Elk River and why it is the perfect place to live, or even just visit on the weekend for some shopping, eating, and adventuring. For more information on Elk River activities and events, check out our Things to do in Elk River page, where we talk about fun activities to do while visiting.

Make you sure you check back to our blog often to learn more about Elk River, or subscribe to our Youtube channel to stay up to date on our latest videos.


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