What Is Company Cam And Why It Helps [Video Breakdown]
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What is Company Cam?

Posted by Northface Construction  - Owner & Founder

At Northface, we strive to make your entire experience as seamless as possible. We do this by maintaining good communication with our clients, as well as within our own team. We know that documenting a project can easily become something that falls by the wayside, which is why we use Company Cam. 

Company Cam is an application that makes our jobs SO much easier. It was made for contractors to be able to easily document their work, share it easily with their crew or the client, and it really covers our butts. Some of the features we love about it include:

Company Cam also benefits homeowners with key features that make it so much easier to share and exchange information and dialogue rather than sifting through various email chains. On top of having high-quality images, our customers can have real-time timelines customized to their projects. Anytime we take a picture of the project, they can see in an organized timeline where its at in the process.

This helps everything stay cut and dry, and they never have to question anything about where we are at. They can follow along on their own if they want. Real-time photos and communication also help with any insurance claims. Documentation is key to ensuring the customers are getting the right coverage for the right repairs.

We really appreciate having an easy way to cover our butts as well! By documenting our process, we can assure everyone from the homeowner to the insurance adjuster knows we are doing things safely and how it needs to be done. This helps substantiate any claims and eases any concerns homeowners may have when getting work done on their homes.

Other Beneficial Features of Company Cam

Taking Photos

Every photo taken with the Company Cam app will be tagged with the user who took it and automatically attached to the project, location, and timestamped. This takes a LOT of the busy work out of having to take photos, upload them, figure out which project they were from, and more tedious tasks. Plus, the photo-taking option itself has editing capabilities as well as latitude and longitude and a level, so you can take accurate, detailed photos every single time.

Photo Storage

The storage capabilities are worth it alone. All images and updates will be kept neatly organized within each project and home address. Thumbnails make it easy to scroll through real-time updates on projects and to easily favorite, share, or delete right from that page view. Plus, everyone will have access to the images via the app, which means no more tracking down who took the photo, forwarding it in an email or text—everything is stored and easily accessible to the entire crew.


In addition to easy access to organized photos, each project with Company Cam will have its own conversation thread that can be saved forever until you archive it. No more group texts or emails—everyone can see updates and the goings-on about each project they are involved in. Streamlined communication can save a ton of time and money for crews.

Photo Sharing

Sharing from the app encapsulates why this should be the only app a contractor needs. Not only can you easily share photos or photo galleries, but videos, photo reports, and pdfs—all with one link. Being able to share progress reports or even newly found damage to insurance adjusters means that claims can be adjusted in-time, and everyone can get a glimpse in a digestible format with high-quality imagery. Plus, you can share all comments and notes on photos with everything else.

We use Company Cam to make our lives easier and help our customers have peace of mind. We definitely recommend to any contractor who has their phone’s photo album and email inbox full of project photos. Streamline it with this easy to use application.


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