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Why We Offer a Consultative Approach Vs. Pressured Salesy Estimates

Posted by Northface Construction  - Owner & Founder

A homeowner who is setting out to remodel their home wants to eliminate any extra stressors and the last thing they need is for their contractor to add to that stress. Unfortunately, many contractors come in hot with the sales pitch approach to remodeling. This often makes the homeowner feel pressured into making decisions, and really takes the fun out of redesigning their home, or parts of their home. This is why we offer a consultative approach to roofing and siding estimates.

Offering a Consultative Approach Vs a Pressured Sales Approach

When we meet with our clients, we don’t expect them to sign on the dotted line before we part ways. We are just consulting and giving them a rough estimate of what they might be looking at price-wise if they decide to do some remodeling. We can walk them through siding textures, colors, installation, timelines — you name it. This is how it should be!

Remodeling a home, whether it’s a simple window treatment or a full re-siding, should be a joyous experience, not a forced sale. We truly believe that the most fun part is being able to help our clients design their home themselves, with our help of course. If a customer falls for a salesy approach and agrees to work without a full comprehensive consultation, they may not end up getting what they expected OR paying what they expected. We don’t want that.

Unfortunately, much of our industry runs rampant with those high-pressure salesman offering homeowners a take it or leave it deal. Hey, we get it. Especially if the homeowner knows exactly what they want, when they want it, and how it will be done, then more power to them. Sign that dotted line and be on your way. For us, we just prefer to spend a little more time consulting with our homeowners and getting them the exact end result they want, with a more catered approach.

The Benefits of a Consultative Approach to Estimates

In the video above we are actually on location at a customer who is proof of the effectiveness of a consultative approach. We are re-siding their home with some beautiful LP siding, and doing a custom look on the front of the home — all thanks to multiple consults. We actually met with them approximately five times over the course of a few weeks to work on different aspects of their remodel one by one. We went over design ideas, the remodel plan, colors, samples, and everything in between. Being able to do that highly comprehensive design planning with our customers is really fun for us, and for them! Plus we get to know our customers a little better by spending that delicate time consulting with them, and getting them exactly what they want.

What to Do if You are Approached by a High-Pressure, Salesy Contractor

If you’re on the hunt for a contractor and you come across one who is little too salesy for you, know they don’t have to be your only option. In fact, there are many contractors locally who will offer you a more laid back, consultative approach. Hoffman Weber Construction is a great place to go, and even has an in-house showroom so you can touch and feel your siding options and see it first hand. Stormgroup Roofing is another great Minneapolis company that will give you a nice consultative service. And of course, Northface Construction.

We are so happy to work with you through whatever project you are looking to undertake with us. We truly believe in going through each step thoroughly, and in a timely manner that gets you the design you want, at the right price. As you weigh your options, please don’t hesitate to contact us for your FREE qoute. We are also offering totally virtual consultations, read here for more information.


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