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What to Expect From our Free Hail Damage Inspections

Posted by Northface Construction  - Owner & Founder

If you’ve had hail damage occur on your property, you need to call us for a FREE hail damage inspection. What does our FREE hail damage inspection entail? Well, I’ll tell you!

First things first, our highly trained Project Consultant will come out to your property. They will introduce themselves as the consultant while respecting your property. They won’t help themselves to your property, or begin the inspection, without talking with you first. They will ask you what you believe happened during the hail storm, where subsequent damage may be, and what your concerns are regarding the damage, inspection, repairs, etc. This is an opportunity to address any issues or questions you may have before we even start assessing the damage.

Most importantly, the Project Consultant will discuss how they will do the inspection, every step of the way. First, they will walk with you around the house, elevation by elevation, covering all aspects of the property that may have sustained damage. An elevation inspection means they will start with the front, which faces the street, followed by the right side of the house, the back of the house, ending with the left side. This inspection is modeled after how insurance companies do their inspections. This keeps everything in line with how they may see it when you file a claim.

Next, they will look for any other damage aside from the home’s exterior. This includes fencing, decks, and any other outdoor structures on your property. Lastly, the Project Consultant will safely get up on the roof and asses the hail damage on shingles, chimneys, and gutters. How we find hail damage during the inspection is also in line with how an insurance company would do it when assessing a claim. To begin, a 10 x 10 foot “test square” is marked off on the shingles themselves, using washable chalk. Using the chalk they will circle as many hail damage spots as they can find in this test area, and if they find enough that would align with most insurance carriers level of damage, an assessment can be done to determine if that side of the roof is totaled.

In general, we will look for 10 or more hail damage spots on the roof within that test spot, and use that to estimate the rest of the damage on that side of the roof. This will be done on each side of the roof, for example the east slant, west slant, front and back, if applicable. Once that data is assessed, it will be determined whether or not we believe this is something needing replacement on any or all of the sides.

The entire assessment process shouldn’t take more than a day. If you’re wondering ‘what does hail damage look like on a roof‘ – please, for your safety, don’t attempt to assess your own roof damage. We will come do the assessment at your convenience, and determine if the damage is a simple repair from us, or requires an insurance claim. We will assess damage from hail or strong winds. To get started, call us for your FREE assessment at 763-600-8308.


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