Hiring A Roofer? | 5 Easy Homeowner Mistakes To Avoid
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Hiring A Roofer? Here’s 5 Common Mistakes Homeowners Commonly Make

Posted by Northface Construction  - Owner & Founder

If you’re hiring a roofer, wait!

Here are five common mistakes homeowners tend to make when looking for a reputable roofing company that you can easily avoid!

1) Not Speaking with the Roofer’s References

Speak with the contractor’s references to ensure that the work they perform is high-quality. Any contractor that’s worth doing business with should be more than willing to hand over a list of names and contact information of previous clients so they can provide insight into their experience.

In a similar vein, look for information on the contractor’s reputation through industry resources like the Home Builders Association and Better Business Bureau, or online resources like Yelp, Google, Angie’s List, and Facebook. Often, because of the anonymous nature of the internet, consumers are more likely to leave unbiased opinions on the work performed by a roofing company. This is likely to give you insight into how they do business and treat their customers.

2) Not Getting Roofing Estimates, Contracts and Other Guarantees in Writing.

Hiring a roofer? Check to make sure they're licensed

If you don’t get written estimates, bids, warranties, contracts, or any other guarantee in writing, you could face significant negative consequences in the future. Without defined contracts and estimates, the roofing company could take advantage of you by inflating budgets, disregarding material requirements or even ignoring warranty coverage. While you hope the contractor you choose has your best interests in mind, you never know.

That’s why it’s important to always get a written estimate, contract and any other guarantees from the roofer. This defines the scope, materials, budget and timeline of your project, and helps ensure everything runs smoothly throughout the whole process. Once you have something in writing, both you and the company need to sign on the dotted lines, an only then make any payments or get them to start the work. Additionally, request a valid copy of the final signed contract and store it away somewhere safe, such as a fireproof safe or secure file cabinet.

3) Not Requesting Enough Bids from Roofers

When building a new roof, you’ll likely reach out to a number of different contracting companies who will provide bids on the scope of your project. It’s a good idea to reach out to as many contractors as possible – big companies and small, local and national, alike. When you request more bids, you give yourself more options to choose from, to ensure you are working with a company that fits your needs, and that you feel comfortable working with.

4) Not Checking a Roofer’s Certifications, Licensing and Insurance

When hiring a roofer, you should never hire one that is unlicensed, uncertified or uninsured. Many property owners just assume that because the company may come off as professional, doesn’t mean they’re necessarily providing you with adequate protection. A roofer in Minnesota must have a license to operate within the city, as well as proper workers compensation and liability insurance.

Always ask the roofer for proof of certifications, licensing and insurance to ensure that their work is fully backed by a third party and that you’re protected in case something bad happens, such as a worker getting hurt on while installing your roof.

5) Approving of Roofing Work Before It’s Completely Done

Don’t approve any work before it is finished. A contractor that acts as a partner should never ask you to sign completion papers or complete payments until you’re satisfied with the work that was conducted. Likewise, don’t choose a Minneapolis roofer that doesn’t provide you an outstanding workmanship warranty. Read through the warranty terms and conditions documentation – check out the coverage and the nature of the warranty, as well the duration and the exemptions which will block you from using the warranty.

When you partner with Northface Construction our process guarantees satisfaction. Upon completion of a project our project consultant will do a walk-through and ensure that all terms per the contract were fulfilled to the Northface Construction standard. Once it is determined completed we will walk through and answer any remaining questions or concerns you may have. Once you are 100% satisfied we will provide a workmanship warranty signed by the owner, as well as all materials you will need for your records. We stand behind our projects, and seek to satisfy our Twin Cities roofing clients, with quality work, and an approachable, and friendly team.

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