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How To Find A Trusted Roofing Company

Posted by Northface Construction  - Owner & Founder

It is our goal here at Northface Construction to Educate, Consult and Deliver to our clients. A way of doing that is by providing this vital information to use when searching for a roofing company to trust with your roofing project. We have compiled a list of qualifications to look for and ways to make sure you are choosing a trusted roofing company.

  1. Are they licensed?

    • Most states require licensing though the Department of Labor and Industry (DOLI) if you are a roofing company. It’s important to know what licenses roofing companies need in your state because each one has a different set of requirements. Minnesota is a state that DOES require licensing for roofing companies to be able to pull permits and complete roofing projects. To check the license status of a company go to DOLI License Lookup tool on their website.
  2. Are they Insured?

    • Minnesota requires a roofing company to have minimum insurance policies in good standing to maintain their licensing with the state of Minnesota. However, DOLI only checks in on that insurance during time of license application and renewal. So DO NOT assume the roofing company has currently active insurance policies if they say that they are required to for licensing. Always verify that they are insured for the work that they are completing
  3. Do they have references?

    • Many roofing companies can give you references, so the important part of this is to do you due diligence when you receive these references. You should contact these references and not only get the opinion of the company and the quality of the work but ask how they solved this references issues and what types of specific efforts did they make to satisfy their needs. This will give you not only an indication of if the roofing company can perform the work in a quality way but if they really are seeking to satisfy your needs in the way you need them met for your roofing project.
  4. Do they have photos of past work?

    • Photos tell a good story, but only when they are high quality and aimed at the details. You want to be able to see the straight courses of shingles on the roof. See how they silicone exposed nail heads, how they make sure they install ice and water barrier etc.. If the roofing company can only supply bad quality not detail oriented photos, or they are only from the street etc. You may want to find out where these houses are and do drive by and see if the product matches what they say.
  5. What are their online reviews like?

    • The beauty of technology today is we are connected to anything and everything we can think of. There are numerous websites that you can check a companies reviews on such as Yelp, BBB, Google, Houzz, Angie’s List, Facebook etc.. These online reviews tell a great amount about a roofing company in not only the quality of the craftsmanship but how they treat their clients and how satisfied those clients are. But, the thing to remember is if you do see a bad review about the roofing company, make sure you look to see how the situation was handled or if the client ended up satisfied by the company in the end. There are always going to be issues at some point in time for every company, but it is just as important how they address these issues as much as it is how often these types of issues occur.
  6. What additional certifications do they have?

    • By looking at what types of certifications a roofing company has you can tell a lot about what they can offer in terms of knowledge, warranties, extra value, quality and their pursuit of customer service. If they are constantly keeping up with certifications installing the newest products, technology and service approaches you can bet that they are ahead of the curves and know how to serve their client to a higher satisfaction level than that of your typical hometown roofing company.
  7. How soon can they complete the project?

    • This may seem odd as a way to find trusted roofing contractors, but I think it is a creative way to see how realistic they are on accomplishing completion and to weed out the desperate roofing company. If they say they can get to work within a day or two either one of two things are happening; they had an opening that needs to be filled and the stars have aligned in a way that it is practical to complete, but, in most cases this can be a sign of a desperate roofing company who does not have a strong book of business already going. A reasonable timeline once a project has been contracted is to be able to start the job a week later at the soonest.
  8. What does your gut tell you?

    • When it comes to important decisions such as choosing the right roofing company to complete your project I personally believe that trusting your gut feeling can usually be a good indicator. If you smell BS and your gut tells you so, do not move forward. You should feel comfortable with the roofing company and the individual representing them and the decision to move forward with that roofing company should be an easy decision to make because you feel trust in their capabilities as well as their character.

I hope this is able to give some good insight for how to choose a trusted roofing company and helps avoid the catastrophic situations that can arise when a unreliable roofing company is hired. Northface Construction has had many situations where we have been contacted to fix what was left behind or have been told of bad stories of situations homeowners have been left in when they chose a company without fully vetting them. If you have any questions or comments please share your thoughts!

Josh Swisher


Northface Construction LLC


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