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Integrity Flooring: What to Look for in a Flooring Company

Posted by Northface Construction  - Owner & Founder

Today, we stopped by Integrity Flooring‘s booth during The Home & Remodeling Show at U.S. Bank Stadium. We were able to interview Dan with Integrity Flooring and talk about flooring, customer service, and how they stand above the rest.

What Does Integrity Flooring Offer?

Dan from Integrity Flooring – “We are primarily a wood contractor, but we do everything from wood flooring, sanding, refinishing, installation, and coats. One thing we push is more convenience for homeowners. We feel that most wood contractors you find are going to give you a quality wood floor. However, if you do some more research online, you’re going to hear about all the inconveniences associated with having wood floors refinished. Having your floors re-done means there’s stuff all over your house, strong smells, having to stay off the floor, having to move your furniture. It can be very inconvenient and intrusive to your everyday life. So that is something we push—our sanding system will extract all the dust from our work environment, out into a van and contains it there. We also have instant cure finishes, meaning no dry time, and furniture and rugs can go back on the floor right away. Our processes are all very low VOC, so there’s almost no smell with any of these finishes.”

Josh from Northface Construction – “That’s especially great for people that have families and busy lives. What would you suggest to people who are doing research and trying to decide on a flooring contractor?”

Dan – “I feel like most contractors people would find would do good job craftsmanship wise, but of course, you’re going to want to do a little bit of research on their past projects to see the caliber of work they can do. We are all humans and make mistakes, of course, so if we ever get a call that we got a stain on something that shouldn’t have been stained, or a wall gets nicked, we find the homeowners end up focusing on that instead of the work that was done. It’s important to find a contractor that backs that stuff up, owns up to it, and makes it right. Integrity Flooring will always come back and take care of any mistakes immediately and ensure our customer is 100% satisfied.”

Josh – “So it’s all about finding someone with a high level of service, integrity, and someone who really cares about their customer’s satisfaction.”

Dan – “Absolutely. We are very confident in knowing none of our guys are just there for a paycheck. They truly care about what they do, and have a shared goal that is to always have a happy customer at the end of the day.”

Josh – “That is a great way to pursue life, isn’t it? Tell us how people can find you online.”

Dan – “Our website is, and we’re on Facebook as Integrity Flooring, out of Hudson, Wisconsin, and Google search will get you to us as well.”

We always appreciate talking to fellow businesses in our industry and do our best to support them in their endeavors. Integrity Flooring lives up to its name by treating its customers right with honesty, fast service, and integrity. You can catch them at the next Home & Garden Show, and keep up to date with them anywhere you can find them online.

We are signing off, I’m Josh with Northface Construction. Check out our services and get started on your next project with a free estimate.


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