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Metal Roofing Contractor – Elk River, MN

Posted by Northface Construction  - Owner & Founder

Metal Roofing Solutions – What you need to know

Part of our mission here at Northface Construction is to be a sustainable company in multiple ways. To help continue to fulfill that promise, we offer metal roofing solutions for residential and commercial roofing applications. We pride ourselves in being consciously pursuing economic sustainability, social sustainability and environmental sustainability. The metal roofing solutions are an opportunity to fulfill those pursuits from another angle.

Metal roofing can come in many forms, shingle, corrugated sheet, standing seam, etc. The benefits of metal are that it is highly resistant to weather in severe applications, is energy efficient, has longevity in its lifespan and has a wonderfully clean look to it. It’s no wonder people are using a metal to revamp their roofs, making them more durable and secure. As an Elk River-based roofing contractor, we strive to satisfy all the possible needs of our clients who need roofing solutions in the Minneapolis metro and surrounding areas.

When analyzing a possible metal roofing project there are a few key things to consider such as; what type of profile you are interested in having, what color selection, what gauge thickness of metal, and the budget you would like to maintain. In comparison to asphalt shingle roofs, usually metal roofs will cost more depending on the application or circumstance. What will determine the cost of your metal roofing project will depend on what type of profile you would like for your metal such as; corrugated, standing seam etc. The gauge thickness of the metal will have an effect on the price of the project, the thicker the metal the more costly the project will be. Some other factors that can effect the cost of a metal roof are how high, steep or complicated is the roof of the structure. The higher, steeper, and more complicated the roof is to install the new metal roofing the costlier the install will be.

Typically a corrugated or commonly referred to as an exposed fastener roof or pole barn roof is the most efficient type of metal roofing in regards to cost. This style metal roofing can be done with less complicated bends, and easier installation. This style is laid in sheets and screws with watertight grommets are used to fasten the material to the roof decking.


(Corrugated Roofing Above)

Another common option is standing seam metal roofing. This type of metal roofing is installed using hidden flanges that are fastened to the roof decking and hidden by the next piece giving a smooth clean look to the roof. These require a little more custom bending work and slower install than a corrugated roof install so they tend to be more costly than a corrugated style metal roof.


(Standing Seam Roof Above)

Here at Northface Construction based out of Elk River, MN we provide metal roofing solutions for residential and commercial applications with both corrugated sheet metal roofing and standing seam metal roofing. As mentioned earlier, we believe in sustainability so the material provider that we use for our metal roofing material is Central States Manufacturing, INC. out of South Dakota right here in the midwest region. The reason we choose to use their products is from a sustainable viewpoint. They are very close and have a direct effect on local jobs, have faster turn around time on supplying material to us to maintain job quickness and efficiency. Central States Manufacturing also has highly competitive pricing for a higher quality product than many other metal roofing manufacturers.

If you are interested in a FREE no obligation consultative meeting to learn more about your metal roofing options we would be happy to come and present our services and products for your review. 763-433-2269


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