10 Roof Maintenance Tips For Each Season (Money Saving Tips)
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Top 10 Roof Maintenance Tips For Each Season

Posted by Northface Construction  - Owner & Founder

Roof maintenance is an activity that isn’t just reserved for one single season.

If you want to truly take care of your home, you follow these roof maintenance tips to ensure your roof is safe from damage, no matter what month is on the calendar. While this will entail a lot of work, it’s better than risking substantial damage to your home from weather conditions.

At Northface Construction, we are experts when it comes to roofing. To help you out with your housing needs, we’ve compiled a slit of the top tips for roof maintenance for each season.

Fall Maintenance

roof maintenance tips for the fall

Before winter settles in, fall is a great time to prime your roof for a long winter by making sure that it can withstand the harsh weather and all the snow on top.

1. Pre Winter Roof Inspection

If possible, check the inside of your roof through your attic and see how supported your roof is. Consider hiring a professional to come and inspect it to make sure that you don’t need any interior roof maintenance before winter. Taking extra precautionary measures like this will help you avoid any home mishaps and headaches later on.

2. Clean Gutters

If you have trees in your yard, you know how much a pain leaves in your gutters can be. Make sure you clean this part of your roof thoroughly when before winter. Otherwise they’ll be pain to clean come springtime.

Pro tip: if you want to avoid removing those pesky leaves from your gutters every year, get some gutter guards!

Winter Maintenance

roof maintenance tips for the winter

Obviously, there isn’t much maintenance you can do on your roof in the winter months. However, that doesn’t mean you still can’t do some minor upkeep to make sure that your roof is in good condition throughout the snowy season.

3. Consider Snow Removal

If you have too much snow on your roof, say above 8 inches, you may want to think about using a roof rake to relieve some of the stress off your roof. This is particularly important for the overhangs, which are typically the weakest area of the roof.

4. Remove Any Ice Dams

If you notice an ice dam forming on your home, make sure you take the proper steps to remove it. Get in touch with a local contractor to have it melted off. Using tools to force an ice dam off your roof will only damage it further. If an ice dam does form, make sure you look into insulating your roof to prevent it from happening again.

Spring Maintenance

roof maintenance tips for the spring

Spring is a refreshing time of the year. The snow has all melted, or, in more recent winters, just starting to melt. It’s the perfect time to do a little spring cleaning, which includes your roofing. Due due some of the wear and tear the winter has put on your home, spring is a crucial time in conducting some maintenance to ensure a healthy roof. Here are some of our most important spring roofing tips.

5. Conduct a Routine Inspection

First and foremost, once all the snow is gone, you should give your roof a once-over. If you feel comfortable going up on your roof, use a ladder and take the necessary safety precautions and see if there are any glaring issues with your roof. Once on the roof, carefully walk around and check out the shingles and see if there are any that look off or that needs repair.

6. Clean Your Roof

Any leaves, or tree twigs that were left on the roof when the snowfall came should be cleaned from your roof, particularly the gutters to make sure that water can flow through easily. You can fish out any of the debris with a trowel and dump into a bucket, and then use a hose to clean out smaller material that is left, ensuring that the water is moving through your gutters smoothly.

7. Check for Mold and Algae Growth

While cleaning your roof, make sure that you’re looking for signs of mold and algae growth. Black stains are usually a giveaway. If you suspect mold or algae, seek out a professional roof cleaner for assistance on getting your roof back to normal.

Summer Maintenance

roof maintenance tips for the summer

Summer is always a prime time for doing some home maintenance and landscaping, especially when it comes to your roof. Also, with windy rain storms constant in the summer, it’s important to make sure that you are constantly cleaning your roof. Follow these tips to make sure that your roof is in pristine condition during the humid and wet summer months.

8. Trim Your Trees

In order to combat the windy weather, trim your trees to ensure that less trees and branches will fall on your roof. Not only will these reduce time spent removing the debris from your roof and lawn, but you’ll also minimize the risk of damage from heavier branches.

9. Check for Mold

Another chance to check for mold, especially with the wetness of the season. Make sure you’re on high alert during the summer months for mold and algae.

10. Look Out for Holes for Animals

Be on the lookout for areas where animals might try and seek shelter in your home. Bats are notorious for finding small holes in your roof. Inspecting your roof for these points of entry and subsequently sealing them will help prevent critters from making your home their own house.

Need a Professional to Help With Your Roof Maintenance?

Northface Construction is the premier roofing contractor in the Twin Cities. We differentiate ourselves from other companies with our personalized approach to the roofing process, which is highly customized to fit your needs. We treat each project with the attention to detail it deserves because we understand that no two clients are the same. As a local company, we are highly personable and efficient in our services. We are customer services focused because we know that a healthy home means a healthy family.

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