15 Roofing Blogs You Could Learn A Thing Or Two From
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15 Roofing Blogs You Could Learn A Thing Or Two From

Posted by Northface Construction  - Owner & Founder

If you’re looking to stay on top of the latest roofing industry news, trends, tips and other information, check out the following roofing blogs. These blogs are perfect for any contractor, construction worker, roofing specialist or homeowner just looking for general information. Keep reading to find out more!

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1. Alpine Roofing Contractors Blog

Blog URL: www.alpineroofing.co.uk

This blog, managed by Alpine Roofing Contractors, a roofing company based in the United Kingdom, is well-known for its attractive infographics. These pieces of content break down issues such as “Loft Insulation – How Much Could You Save?” and “Reasons Your Roof Might Be Leaking,” into colorfully illustrated and easy-to-understand graphics, making it the perfect choice for those who prefer to learn visually. It also has plenty of standard articles and other content for those who just want to browse information related to roofing. Tradefix Direct are a leading supplier of roofing supplies, visit https://tradefixdirect.com/building-roofing for more infomation.

2. SIG Roofing Blog

Blog URL: singleply.co.uk/blog

U.K.-based SIG Design & Technology is part of SIG Roofing, a division of SIG plc, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of products to the construction industry and an FTSE 250 quoted company. Their roofing design blog offers up useful, unbiased content centered around designing flat roofs, green roofs, single ply and zinc roofs, among other types of roofs.

3. Roofing Contractor Magazine Blog

Blog URL: https://www.roofingcontractor.com/blogs

The Roofing Contractor Blog consists of posts from the industry-leading magazine’s editors and contributors. Explore various blogs about roofing technology, techniques, industry information and more related to Roofing Contractor Magazine.

4. Roof Scoop Blog

Blog URL: http://roofscoop.wordpress.com/

Roof Scoop is a roofing industry blog that is part of the National Roofing Contractors Association. The blog publishes updated news and information of interest to those who like to keep up with new roofing technology and trends. In general, the focus stays on changes to roofing regulations.

5. IKO Roofing Blog

Blog URL: https://www.iko.com/blog-articles/

This roofing blog publishes the latest blog posts published by IKO’s expert team. Find out about new product launches, roofing technology, industry events and much more, all on an easily digestible platform.

6. GAF Blog

Blog URL: https://www.gaf.com/blog

The GAF ProBlog offers advice and information for roofing professionals, as well as insights for commercial and residential property owners, architects, property managers and more. GAF is one of the oldest roofing manufacturers in North America and always provide their keen insight into the industry through informational articles.

7. All Roofing Solutions Blog

Blog URL: http://allroofingsolutionsde.com/blog/
All Roofing Solutions is a roofing company that was founded by a local family in the Southeastern Pennsylvania and Delaware area almost two decades ago. This roofing blog is designed for commercial and residential roofers alike, with helpful tips and tricks that are useful for any construction worker, contractor or roof specialist. Some topics include preventing roof leaks, information on roof inspections, and vent pipe repairs.

8. On Top Roofing Blog

Blog URL: https://www.otroofing.com/blog/

The On Top Roofing blog shares the latest installation and maintenance tips to make sure that your roof is in tiptop condition. This blog is perfect for homeowners looking for helpful articles related to extending the life of their roof.

9. Chaffee Industrial Roofing Blog

Blog URL: https://www.chaffeeroofing.com/blog/
Chaffee Industrial Roofing is a third generation, family owned commercial roofing contractor, so they’ve been around the block. With more than 20 million square feet of roof installed throughout the U.S., these professionals are more than qualified—and their expertise shines through on this informative roofing blog.

10. Classic Metal Roofing Systems Blog

Blog URL: https://www.classicmetalroofingsystems.com/blog/

The Classic Metal Roofing Systems blog provides you with everything you need to know about metal roofing. Browse around this site to stay up with the latest news and information on metal roofing, plus find special home maintenance tips and tricks that you can use.

11. Arry’s Roofing Services Blog

Blog URL: http://www.arrysroofing.com/our-blog/

With bi-weekly posts, Arry’s Roofing Services blog is one of the most active on our list. Occasionally, the blog enhances its typical informative pieces with engaging videos. It’s also geared towards the uninformed residential homeowner and provides articles that help readers know what to expect when engaging the services of a roofing business.

12. Simon Commercial Roofing Blog

Blog URL: https://simonroofing.com/category/blog/

The Simon Commercial Roofing blog provides you with everything you need to know about the latest commercial roofing trends and information. Discover time and cost-saving tips by keeping up with this roofing blog.

13. Baker Roofing Blog

Blog URL: http://bakerroofing.com/blog/

With over 100 years of experience, Baker Roofing Company has grown to become one of the nation’s largest roofing contractors. Find useful roof repair and replacement information in the blogs posted about once a month.

14. A-Best Roofing Blog

Blog URL: http://www.abestroofing.com/blog/

Due to its aesthetically pleasing layout, attractive visuals and eye-catching headlines, A-Best Roofing blog immediately stands out among the rest. Covering unique topics like custom metal fabrication, cool pigments, and roofing warranties, both commercial and residential customers will find this blog to be a useful read, especially in a time crunch considering the articles are typically fewer than 500 words.

15. Northface Construction Roofing Blog

Blog URL: https://northfaceconstruction.com/blog/

Northface Construction, based out of Minnesota, is a growing contracting company known for their unique roofing process. Their blog Provides top-quality roofing, siding and storm damage articles in an attractive, easy-to-read format. With plenty of tip sheets, checklists, how-tos and guides, there’s something for everyone on the Northface Construction roofing blog.

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