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Roofing Storm Damage

Posted by Northface Construction  - Owner & Founder

If you are questioning the lifespan of your roof or think that you may have experienced roofing storm damage at your home you need to Get a Quote or get a free damage inspection from us here at Northface Construction.

Roofing storm damage may occur when weather related activities occur such as hail or high winds occur. It is important to call a professional roofing contractor who actively engages in storm damage business such as Northface Construction.

Once you have gotten in touch with Northface Construction regarding your roofing storm damage we will immediately schedule a day and time that works best with your schedule to have our project consultant come and do a thorough inspection of your roof. During this inspection, the project consultant will identify any damage that may have occurred that would be covered by your insurance company. During this time you will have informational literature regarding Northface Construction and the roofing storm damage insurance claim process.

When the project consultant has finished their inspection they will provide you with documentation of the damage found on the roofing material along with the long term effects this may have on the life of your roof. Our project consultants are highly trained in the identification of hail and wind damage on roofing materials so you can be rest assured that we will not recommend to file a claim on damage if we believe it is not substantial enough.

Upon presentation of the roofing storm damage your Northface Construction Project Consultant will provide you with detailed instructions and information to pursue filing an insurance claim. Our service on your behalf only is just beginning at this point. Our project consultant will meet with your insurance adjuster during the insurance companies inspection of the roofing storm damage. We will provide a detailed estimate for the insurance company based on the damage found during our inspection of the property and negotiate the claim settlement amount upon real and true market rates of our area. Northface Construction is highly knowledgable in the negotiations with insurance companies regarding the price and scope of insurance claims as we are Independent Construction Contractors of America trained.

Once the scope and price of the project are determined for the roofing storm damage loss on your property Northface Construction will immediately put your project into production. We pride ourselves on our efficiency and quality craftsmanship. We maintain that through the use of technology and quality management practices that we have specifically designed to serve our customers to a higher level than competitors in Minnesota.

We are proud to boast that over 50% of our business comes from referral business from highly satisfied clients that we have served. You can be positive that you are making the right choice when you choose Northface Construction

If you would like to schedule your FREE damage inspection or FREE roofing estimate

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Thank you for your time and opportunity to serve you,


Josh Swisher




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