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Roofing with quality – Northface Construction

Posted by Northface Construction  - Owner & Founder

Northface Construction- roofing company with QUALITY

There are many scenarios in which you might need to replace your roof. Whether it be age, leaks, remodel or storm damage, Northface Construction has you covered for your roofing needs. When thinking about hiring a roofing company to take care of your remodel or storm damage, there is no other roofing company that can compare to Northface Construction in quality, ease of process or customer satisfaction. Northface Construction boasts an array of formal certifications with places such as the Better Business BureauGAF ShinglesLP SmartsideVinyl Siding Institute etc… What these certifications mean for homeowners is that Northface Construction has the knowledge, experience and values that are associated with a contractor you can trust for your roofing, siding and storm damage needs. We only use quality tried and tested installers to ensure that you get the job done right, on time and on budget.

Roofing Quality

Quality Assurance Process

Making sure you choose a company that is going to do a quality job for your next roofing project is of utmost importance. Northface Construction has quality management tools implemented in our processes to ensure that you get the quality you deserve at the price you want. Northface Construction verifies the techniques and processes used by our installers conforms with manufacturer recommended practices before they are put on the job. We do this by inspecting their previous work BEFORE they do our jobs. We also have standardized procedures that must be fullfilled during the job to ensure quality, such as; material inspection, project scope verification, detail verification and installation inspections. The quality management aspect of our roofing process does not end at production either. Once the job is completed Northface Construction goes through a final checklist of quality assurance checks that verify the work is up to our standard BEFORE we submit the final invoice.

Roofing quality

The Northface Difference

Our differentiating factor as a local roofing company is to give our clients unbeatable customer service while maintaining highly competitive pricing through use of technology and sustainable practices. So when you are in need of a LOCAL roofing company to take care of your storm damage, remodel or siding. You can rest assured know you are making the right choice by using Northface Construction on your next project.

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