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A Swisher Family Introduction: Meet The Fam

Posted by Northface Construction  - Owner & Founder

Hey Everyone!

As you probably know, Josh Swisher is the owner of Northface Construction, and he and his wife Katie popped in to say hello and talk about what it means to them to be a family-oriented business.

Family has always been the core of the business. At 18 years old, living in his parents’ basement, Josh started his business. He absolutely could not have followed his dreams without the love and support of his own family. Fast forward years later, after Katie and Josh got married, family continued to flood into the business and be a priority at Northface Construction.

Katie was able to join Josh in running the administrative tasks of the business, where her strengths lied, and Josh’s didn’t. This only helped boost Northface Construction towards what it is today. Without that family bond and support, it could’ve been a real struggle.

Now, a decade into the business, Katie and Josh are proud to be a family-owned business and work to make their employees and their families feel as welcome as they can. Having a young child (and adorable pup) of their own, they understand how raising a family can be tough sometimes. And they emphasize that family will always come first.

They want their employees to feel comfortable taking time off to spend with their families, and they definitely empathize with having to leave to handle a family emergency. In fact, they had an employee whose daycare was canceled last minute, so they told them “bring the kids to the meeting!”

Family has played such an integral part of running the business, that they even made it one of their three core values.

Beyond the joy of working with your loved ones every day, having a family-owned business has many benefits for both the employees and your customers. It is already built on a strong foundation of trust and compassion. Customers can see that a family-owned business comes from a tight-knit core of people, and a lot of people really appreciate that commitment in a small business.

Not only do we at Northface Construction love representing ourselves as a family-owned, family-oriented, and community-driven business, but we love doing it together!

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