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The Northface Standard: Setting The Bar For Our Employees

Posted by Northface Construction  - Owner & Founder

Today Josh is talking with Derek from the Northface production department. They’re going to talk about the Northface Standard, and how we maintain a certain level of quality in our work.

Josh: Derek, can you tell us how we maintain our Northface Standard in all of our new projects?

Derek: Yeah, we have a huge checklist of things that we adhere to, making sure we have everything we need and are following the scope of work. Also, one of the main things is when we first arrive at the job. We want to make sure that everything is tidy and everything is going to be protected. One of the things we do to protect that stuff is that we send plywood out to every job to cover up windows or anything else you are going to want to be protected, and avoid falling debris.

Josh: All of that happens before the job starts, so what about during the project? What do we do to keep that Northface Standard while on the job?

Derek: We are going to make sure that the crew is maintaining everything we need to stick to building codes and making sure they are giving you the quality of work that you need.

Josh: So, we keep it pretty clean during construction, right?

Derek: Yeah, so whenever we come back to the job site, or anytime we are on the job, we’re walking around the house making sure debris is kept either on the tarps or in the dumpster, and especially out of your neighbor’s yard.

Josh: That’s important! We definitely don’t want to tick off the neighbors, do we? So what about when the project is finished, how do we uphold the Northface Standard on our projects?

Derek: We start from the ground up making sure lines are clean, and once we’re on the roof we dig in to make sure everything is installed correctly and making sure we are going to pass inspection. Just making sure things look good.

Josh: And, an important part of clean up is making sure there’s not a lot of nails in your yard. So all of our employees whether they’re in sales, production, and myself included—everyone has a magnet, broom, and dustpan with them. We are constantly walking around picking up nails and cleaning to make sure it looks like we were never there, by the time we’re out of there. We hold ourselves to a higher standard and we call this The Northface Standard.

It’s important to us that we follow the same set of rules and guidelines on every job, so we can guarantee the same quality of work every single time. With every employee following the Northface Standard, we can maintain a unified system of quality which leads to happier customers and employees.

Having The Northface Standard also allows us to fill in every gap from picking up every nail and piece of debris at client homes to double-checking code compliance. The standard gives us an all-hands-on-deck attitude that brings everyone together and ensures we cover our bases—leaving customers satisfied after every project.

At Northface Construction, we’ve built our company to circulate around our values and our customers. We strive to serve our customers at the highest level of satisfaction in the industry and believe our personal touch adds so much to every project we complete. For more information, check us out here.


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