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Tipsy Chicken Kitchen & Cocktails – Elk River, MN

Posted by Northface Construction  - Owner & Founder

In today’s Welcome the the Herd: A Show About Elk River and Family, we visit a super cool restaurant here in town that stands out above the rest.

Today we met with Sarah who is part owner of The Tipsy Chicken Kitchen & Cocktails, established in 2017. She owns it with her partner Jesse Hartung, and it’s located in Elk River, MN our hometown!

Josh: Why did you guys start Tipsy Chicken?

Sarah: We started it because we wanted a place to bring our family that served organic, healthy, ethical food, and being in the industry myself for awhile, we thought we’d give it a try!

Josh: What makes this restaurant so different?

Sarah: What really stands out is that we do really try and serve as much organic as we can, and we also have a really unique cocktail program while there isn’t really a lot of cocktail bars in the area. That stands out as something fun we have.

Josh: What do you think is your favorite thing about serving the community of Elk River these organic ingredients?

Sarah: I kind of got my serving start here in Elk River and I learned to love the people and I’ve met so many people and families. Now it’s so fun to have them come here with their kids and my friends with their kids – it’s a nice big community.

Josh: If someone wants to come check out Tipsy Chicken, where are we at? How can they find the place?

Sarah: We are right off Highway 10, right across from the fairgrounds.

Josh: Do you guys have any social media or anything people should follow?

Sarah: We are on Facebook and Instagram (tipsychickenmn)!


With a passion for serving organic, ethical food, owner Jesse says “We offer a healthy and delicious menu that doesn’t compromise our customers’ high standards and ethics.” There is not a whole lot of restaurants that cater to this mission. The Tipsy Chicken serves chicken that is certified organic and certified humane. The rest of the menu is made with predominantly organic ingredients.

Certified organic chicken meets the following requirements:

On top of the naturally raised chicken, they also serve freshly squeezed juice every day. Including a little kid-friendly kale juice that is made to order, and is a way to get those little ones to drink some tasty vitamins!

Their menu showcases a gauge of how organic the dish is, from 75%, to 85%, to 95%. They feature some classic comfort foods like buttermilk fried chicken, cheeseburger, and poutine. Their salad line-up is nothing to scoff at, and they even offer VEGAN DRESSINGS! The kids menu is equally delicious, and their entire menu caters to special diets and every age.

Be sure to try their special Tipsy Sauce. It is featured in all their chicken dishes including, The Dixie Chick (fried chicken), The Tipsy Wrap (chicken wrap), wings and chicken tenders.

If you want to have some delicious dinner, and even better cocktails, come on down to Tipsy Chicken!

Location: 13479 Business Center Drive, Elk River, MN, 55330

Hours: Wed-Fri 11AM-10PM, Sat-Sun 10AM-10PM, Mon-Tues CLOSED



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