Upgrading Materials On An Insurance Claim [Video Guide]
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Upgrading Materials on an Insurance Claim

Posted by Northface Construction  - Owner & Founder

We are on a project today and taking a second to address a commonly asked question about insurance claims. People ask do I have to replace my vinyl siding with more vinyl siding? Do I have to replace an asphalt roof with another asphalt roof? The answer is no, you don’t have to do a direct swap. The house we are at today opted to upgrade to LP Smartside siding during replacement of their vinyl siding, even while it was with an insurance claim.

How to Handle an Upgrade During an Insurance Claim

You need to have two things to upgrade your materials from your existing. 1. You need to know the difference in price between your existing materials and the premium materials you want to upgrade to. 2. You should have a contractor, like Northface Construction, who knows how to work with your insurance company and navigate the insurance claim process. Our homeowner in this case simply had to pay the difference in cost for the upgraded materials.

Common Types of Siding to Upgrade

If someone has vinyl siding, they can definitely replace it with the same material and they’ll probably be just fine for another 15-20 years. But, most other siding materials would be considered a premium upgrade. Potential upgrades for siding include:

Benefits of Upgrading to Premium Siding

As you go through the insurance claim process, or anytime you desire to replace your siding, it’s your opportunity to decide whether to make a larger investment in your home. Updating to premium siding can do a few things for you as a homeowner.


As you can see, it can be incredibly beneficial to you to upgrade your siding during this time. With a contractor who can help you make it happen, you just need to be able to pay the difference and you will end up with a whole new home! Contact us at 763.433.2269 for more information on siding upgrades, insurance claims, and more! We look forward to giving you the home you and your family deserve.



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  1. Fantastic article! You have published a much needed article loaded with relevant benefits and types of upgrading to premium siding during insurance claim. You have mentioned your point well!

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