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What’s the Toughest Shingle? Let’s Find Out!

Posted by Northface Construction  - Owner & Founder

On a dreary day in Minnesota, we decided to put some shingles to the test, so you don’t have to!

In our very scientific lab, my pole barn, we decided to run a few tests to find out which shingle could stand the test. DISCLAIMER: Do not try this at home if you don’t know how to handle these tools – trust us, we’re professionals.

We took a weed whipper, Dewalt Sawzall tree trimmer, my old maul, and of course fire to two roofing samples. We tested some GAF Slateline and Glenwood shingles and our results showed that they withstood about the same amount of damage from all our tests. We also determined that if someone is up on your roof weed whipping, sawing, or burning your shingles – you’re probably going to have bigger problems on your hands than a leaky roof. Despite them having equal protection against the weed whipper and maul, they do differ in other aspects.

GAF Slateline Shingles

Slateline® Lifetime Designer Shingles feature bold shadow lines, and cut-outs that give the appearance of true slate shingles, but at a fraction of the cost. They are made of fiberglass asphalt and feature StainGuard® Protection against algae. They also feature a wind rating at 130 mph, which we can’t say the same for that weed whipper. These are a great choice to have that designer look of slate on your roof, but more affordable and durable.

GAF Glenwood Shingles

GAF Glenwood® Shingles are made of industry-leading, ultra-thick triple-layer construction for a truly realistic wood-shake look, but much more affordable than the real thing. It took a specially formulated color palette to imitate the natural wood-shake look. The Glenwood® shingles also feature StainGuard® Protection against algae. They have the highest impact resistance rating of Class 4, but maybe not against a Dewalt Sawzall. These prestigious shingles come with the Good Housekeeping label and will truly stand the test of time and be a great investment for your home.

As a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor we know these materials in and out, and now we know they don’t stand up well against a weed whipper. Glad we tested! Since we are GAF Master Elite certified, we can provide 10 and 25-year labor warranties backed by GAF alongside the Lifetime material warranty, which can bring a homeowner peace of mind in their quality investment. Whether hail, high winds, or a sawzall wreak havoc on your roof, you should be protected.



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