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Ask a Roofer: Why Are Your Estimates More Expensive?

Posted by Northface Construction  - Owner & Founder

A question we get asked a lot here at Northface Construction is why our estimates end up being more expensive than other companies. We actually love this question because it gives us an opportunity to talk about what our estimates include as a whole, and why they seem more expensive than the “other guys.”

We love when people ask this question because it gives us an opportunity to talk about what we do that sets us apart from our competitors. We believe in being as transparent as we can be with our current and future customers. We won’t jerk you around, or lead you down a path that we don’t feel confident with, or think is worth your while or your money.

First, we don’t cut corners. We do everything to the minimum code standards and beyond, and make sure we use only the best materials and the best workmanship. Our highly trained staff work diligently on your home and strive to put out their absolute best work. They will not take shortcuts or skim on the quality of materials. If at any point in our inspection, or after we begin work, we come across an issue in your home’s interior or exterior that may hinder our work, we will tell you. We choose to be as transparent as we can with our clients, but will never push extra work on you. However, if we feel that the integrity and the safety of the work you want to be done will be threatened by an outstanding issue with your home, we will address it as early as possible. We want to assure you, our work is next level, every time.

When something seems too good to be true, that may be the case. We’ve heard many a story where a customer decided to go the cheaper route, and we have ended up getting that call to come and clean up what mess they left behind. So customers ended up paying more than what they did initially just because they tried to save a quick dollar. Consider the quality of materials, the quality of the workmanship, and even the service you were given and those combined should be worth paying more to get an end result you truly love. Your home is worth the investment, trust us.

Lastly, we thrive when it comes to our customer service. Our core value of sustainability is something we take very seriously, and we show that through our superb customer service. One of the best things you can get in your business, especially small businesses, is recurring customers. But in an industry where you probably aren’t replacing your roof every couple of years, we focus on solidifying that relationship with them early on, and those customers may just refer us on service alone. Those two or three customers in the next few years who call us from that referral, help keep our business going and thriving. We consider this the compound effect, or the sustainable effect that really nurtures and cares for everyone to keep a steady flow of referrals and customers coming back. We believe in good business through customer service.

At Northface Construction we guarantee satisfaction with our process from beginning to end. So our estimates include all the perks and benefits we offer in every step of the way. Including, post-project walk-throughs from our project consultant. Time and energy answering all the questions you may have, so that we never leave you in the dark in at any moment of the process.  We are striving for you to be 100% satisfied with our consultation, inspections, workmanship, and even down every material we use. We stand behind our projects and seek to satisfy our clients with quality work, and an approachable, and friendly team – beginning with our estimates.

Northface Construction feels like a family, and we want to treat our customers the same way. So for all of those reasons are why we are sometimes considered more expensive than the “other guys.” We stand confidently behind our work, estimates, and our good customer service. We hope that if the time comes where you need to choose between a cheaper option, and the more expensive, more inclusive estimate, you will consider Northface Construction to be the right decision. When investing in your home, never go second-rate, you may regret it down the road. We are here for you! Call us for a free estimate.


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