For those DIYers that are ready to take pride in homeownership, there are plenty of popular projects that you can tackle. But first, if you do not already have one in your toolkit, a great cordless drill is an essential piece of equipment that can make your DIY projects much easier. Check out this guide from Coolest Gadgets to find a drill to suit your needs. So, from the interior of the home to the exterior, here are the top five remodeling projects that you can get done this upcoming weekend.

Kitchen backsplash

A backsplash won’t just add style and sophistication to your kitchen, it will add real resale value to your home. Whether you want glass or ceramic tiles, or funky stonework, the options are endless. They can be an accent feature, or complement your current color scheme; kitchen tile is easy for any DIYer to take on. With a little grout, tile and elbow grease, you can add more style and value to your kitchen!

Bathroom refresh

Transform your old outdated bathroom into luxurious spa-like retreat by doing a classic refresh. When you’re finished, you’ll have a space you’ll be proud to call your very own. Some of the remodeling tasks you could try include:

  • Changing the fixtures — a new faucet, cabinet knobs, drawer pulls and other fixtures can help improve the look and feel of your bathroom. The best part, is that it’s a generally cheap approach to refreshing your lavatory style. If you do the refitting yourself and something doesn’t go to plan and you end up having a bathroom flood emergency or you can’t get any hot water, then you might need to call a plumber. If you are in Australia, it might be worth using emergency plumber canberra.
  • Paint the walls — painting the walls can help you make a statement. Go big and bold with a darker color scheme, bright and clean with white, or anywhere in between.
  • Add shelving and storage — as one of the smaller rooms in the house, a bathroom can often be tight on space. Add some extra shelving, so you can store your essentials and nonessentials, alike!
  • Installing an LED/speaker shower head — if you love to sing in the shower, why not install a shower head with a speaker built in? You can get very creative with these shower heads, which can be found at most local big box stores. Some even feature LED lights that help to set the mood that could look luxurious with the right frameless glass doors so the lights refract around the bathroom.

Add a kids’ play area

Almost any extra space in the house can be transformed into an imaginative kids’ play area, whether in an extra bedroom or in the corner of the family room. As an added incentive to add a kids’ play area, you get the opportunity to bond with your child over their interests. Take them shopping and let them (help you) pick out remodeling items, like a coat of paint for the walls, decals, kids’ furniture and whatever else they’ve dreamt up. When it’s done, your child will have a creative space to play and grow, while you’ll always have the memories of helping them.


To boost your home’s curb appeal, a little landscaping can go a long way. When spring arrives, there are plenty of projects you can accomplish yourself including:

  • Plant bushes — plant bushes along a walkway for a sophisticated look.
  • Plant flowers — to add a pop of color throughout your yard
  • Add potted/hanging plants — potted plants are an easy way to spruce up your front porch
  • Give your lawn some TLC — spray for weeds, mow, aerate, edge, fertilize and water to keep your lawn looking green and lush all summer long.

Mudroom update

From shelving to cubbies to hooks, a mudroom can provide all the convenience the modern family needs to stay organized. Life on-the-go is hectic, and a mudroom will help keep your house clean and clear from clutter and debris brought in from outside. Add extra storage to ensure that your family always has a spot for their shoes, jackets, hats and more. Additionally, this makes a good place to store pet supplies, such as food, kennels or leashes — even Fido will appreciate a mudroom update!

Are you looking for more information about remodeling projects? Keep up with the Northface Construction blog, where we offer key insights into everything about DIY!

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