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What Siding Color Should You Choose for Your Home?
Red and Green

You’re a fireball of energy who is always trying to live in the moment and make the most of everyday. You still value stability and success, but only enough to make sure you can afford your next big adventure. Your friend’s may have a tough time keeping up with you, but you’re more than willing to slow down if it means you have some people to enjoy the ride with.
Tan and Brown

You may appear quiet at first, but when people get to know you they can easily form a strong bond with you. You take your obligations seriously and always try to live up to your promises. Approachable, genuine, and sincere, people will often approach you when they need advice and you’re more than happy to help them.
Green and Tan

You enjoy being outside and in nature, but can easily adapt to being in a bigger city. While you prefer to be exploring with a group of friends, you can easily have fun being out and about by yourself. You’re well-rounded and enjoy learning as much as you can about as many subjects as possible. As an introspective individual, you’re always looking to better yourself.

You’re an optimist by nature who values independence and is extremely self-reliant. It takes a lot to bring you down because of your confidence and willingness to get up when you’re knocked down. You enjoy living life to the fullest and making time for things that you truly enjoy in life.

You enjoy a balance of having time to yourself and spending time with others and prefer small, more intimate groups rather than big crowds. You may be described as middle of the road, conserved and don’t like to voice your opinions often, but rather agree to keep the peace. You don’t get too down when times are tough, but you don’t get too happy when things are going well.

You’re a reliable individual who values trust in their relationships. Always willing to lend a helping hand, you can easily make friends with anyone you meet. You tend to keep things simple and prefer to trust facts and logic over feelings. You value stability and careful planning over a fast-and-loose approach to life.

You’re dependable and your friends will often count on you when they are in need. You enjoy the routine, but will always make time for an adventure, especially when you have your with friends. Your friends enjoy your sense of humor and your company. You care deeply for those in your life and value loyalty above all else.

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