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LP SmartSide Diamond Kote Siding

Posted by Northface Construction  - Owner & Founder

Today we’re talking about a new product that we’re offering this spring. LP SmartSide Diamond Kote Siding. This is a truly amazing product and we couldn’t be more excited to be offering it to our customers.

Today our Project Consultant, Dylan, is going through one of the products we use. He’s talking about LP Smartside Diamond Kote Siding. Sounds nice right?

These products, especially their newest colors, are beautiful, high-quality pieces of siding. On the backside, you’ll see these are still just LP boards, but with a texture and design on the outside that matches the real thing. You could never tell the difference!

Specific specs on the Diamond Kote line include a premade nail flange on the back of each piece that allows for a stack and lock to take place. When you stack one on top of the other, that built-in flange will stop when it hits the next board, for an even install. It also helps to completely seal the edges so that you can keep out pesky bugs like Asian beetles that come back to the area each year. This tight seal helps to make them incredibly wind-resistant as well.

Another cool feature is that all of the Diamond Kote trims also have built-in nail flanges that will ensure a tight seal in every corner of your home’s exterior. Plus, the fact that it is actually located on the back of the trim, means that your siding can butt right up to the end for a clean finish and no exposed nails.

Our clients should really love the LP Smartside Diamond Kote Siding because of its warranty alone. They have what’s called a 3D Warranty. In this particular type of siding, LP is using an all-natural pigment in their paint. While other manufacturers are using a synthetic pigment.

What is nice about the natural pigment is actually made of small, fine rocks that will not fade in color over time. Thus, they have a 30-year No-Face Warranty. And the reason they call it a 3D Warranty is that even if you install accessories on top of this siding, remove it in 30 years and there will still be no fade.

This line JUST came out this spring, so we are eager to get it installed on some of your homes. As always, for your FREE estimate simply give us a call at 763.433.2269.

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