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DIY Siding Tips from the Northface Team

Posted by Northface Construction  - Owner & Founder

Today we asked our team for their best tips for Do-It-Yourself siding at home. They had some good ones—even the dog had something to say!

Installing Vinyl Siding in the Winter

Winter in the Midwest gets bitter cold, which is not the ideal weather for installing vinyl siding. People who don’t have the experience of a professional may not know that if they cut into that cold siding, it will shatter. Then you’re out time, money, and materials, which can delay your entire process. It’s best to wait until Spring to begin your install. Keep your materials in your heated garage or basement to keep them from freezing and breaking in the cold. But, feel free to pummel your old siding with snowballs and have a good old time.

Tools Needed for Vinyl Siding Installation

The most basic tools you’ll need when you are going to install vinyl siding include a tape measure, tip snips or a saw, and a hammer. Some other materials that may make your life easier when installing the siding include; a pencil or felt tip pen to mark measurements, a level for ensuring level installation, and a carpenter’s square to mark or cut straight lines. And always remember to measure twice and cut once!

Where Do you Start Installing the Siding on the House?

Siding 101 will tell you always to work your way to the top, starting at the lowest part of your home. A mason’s line level can help you find the lowest point of the house.

What Colors of Trim Work with Vinyl Siding?

If you are looking to have different colored trim with your siding, consider a white or lighter colored trim. Blue siding with white trim is a favorite of many homeowners; the dark to light contrast looks beautiful on most style homes. We have found that gray or beige trim doesn’t look as good with vinyl siding. It can look a little dingy depending on what color the siding is. When in doubt, choose a trim that is the same color as your new siding, and it will look just as great.


If DIY is not the route you want to take, reach out to us at Northface Construction and we can get you started with a FREE estimate for your vinyl siding project, plus go over color and style options with you.


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