I started in the construction industry at age 15, from that point forward it has been my life. Over the years being involved on numerous projects of various sizes and scopes I realized that there was a need for a different kind of contracting company.

Northface Construction is built to serve our clients to a higher satisfaction than any other company in the market today. Every decision I make for this company is based on the values that create the personal interaction and finished projects that are needed in the modern construction industry.


“Since I started Northface Construction, there are a few core values that have remained and been the building blocks for our success with our clients. The core values are Sustainability, Honesty and Customer Service. Sustainability is an idea that means a lot to me and Northface Construction, it is built from three pillars of sustainability; Environmental Sustainability, Social Sustainability and Economic Sustainability. Northface Construction ties all three of these concepts into every decision that we make. I know through these actions that we can have a strong positive influence on the communities, people and companies we impact.”

-Josh S.


The Northface Construction team consists of skilled craftsman, client oriented project consultants, visionary management and our rock solid local business partnerships. The goal of Northface Construction is to manage every project with the highest level of professionalism. Which is why we are always researching the newest processes, products and technology to deliver higher value at a competitive price to our clients.

The teamwork culture is what enables us to provide smooth operations, competitive pricing, and complete projects on budget, on time, and above expectations.


Josh Swisher

Josh is the current President and Founder of Northface Construction. Josh started his career in construction at the ripe age of 15 years old and has been actively contracting construction ever since. With a bachelors degree in Business Entrepreneurship from St. Cloud State University, Josh brings his business knowledge and skills to the development and day to day operations at Northface Construction. Josh has been involved on many projects over the years from Commercial large construction projects to the smaller repair jobs. Josh started Northface Construction in 2010 while pursuing his degree and has grown the company to be a strong resource in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro markets to businesses and homeowners alike. He has a passion for business and orients his business towards developing processes that are value adding to customers and the market as a whole.

Katie Swisher

Katie Swisher is our glue that holds us together here at Northface Construction. Katie is founder Josh Swisher’s wife and she is a large reason behind our success here at Northface. Katie is in charge of the administrative work and makes sure that Josh keeps on track. Katie has a Bachelors degree from the University of Wisconsin-Stout in Food Science. She recieved her MBA in business at St. Cloud State University so she could hone her business skills to an exceptionally high level. She has a personality that lets her learn quickly and a wonderful person to work with. She is in charge of our company organization, customer relations, business communications, billing, marketing design and collaborates on our strategic planning. She is considered our company controller.

Derek Storkel

production manager

We hired Derek in October 2017, and boy has it been amazing having him on our team in multiple ways! We decided to hire at that time so we could use the winter (our less busy time) to work on the standardization of our processes and implement more quality management systems into the company. Derek has proved himself to be a diligent worker in regards to his care of quality, budgets and overall ethics. He has been able to produce and implement a vast quantity of procedures to Northface Construction that will allow us to monitor and improve our service to our customers in 2018.  We are very excited to see how Derek’s future career will unfold here at Northface Construction!

Here is what Derek wants you to know about himself:

“I am originally from Tomah, WI and graduated from Tomah High School in 2008. I then went on to the University of Minnesota with an athletic scholarship for track and field. I graduated from the U of MN in 2014 with a B.S. in Kinesiology. After college, I worked for 3 years in the apartment management industry as a special projects manager. I left that job and joined the team at Northface Construction in October of 2017″

Dylan Boland
Meet Dylan Boland! He is a project consultant for Northface Construction. Dylan joined our team in April 2018 and WOW has that been a blessing! His amount of care and emotional investment into our customers and company has been extremely humbling.
He is a loving Father and family man who enjoys hunting, fishing and just socializing in general! We don’t think there is a person in the world that Dylan could not strike a positive conversation with and leave them happy to have met him. Dylan is a very special person to our team and we are thankful for his contributions.
Here is what Dylan wants you to know about himself:
“If you do what you love you’ll never have to work a day in your life. I truly love what I do and look forward to meeting with home owners. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of our industry and the various products we install. I am a people person at heart and don’t meet many folks that I dont get along with. Outside of work I enjoy the outdoors and spending time with friends and family!”
Howard Hudson
Here is what Howard would like you to know about him:
“I am from Princeton, MN. I have a beautiful young daughter and a dog. I also love to play hockey in my free time. I have 8 years of experience in masonry work prior to roofing. I greatly enjoy helping people find solutions and designs for their property.”
Cecilee Watland
Here is what Cecilee wants you to know about her:
“I am from Andover, MN. I graduated from University of Northwestern-St. Paul in 2018 with an English degree. My favorite things are spending time with friends and going to concerts, theatre productions, and restaurants. You’ll most likely find me with a booked schedule. I love being the initial contact that customers have with Northface Construction.”
Dylan Jansson
Here is what Dylan wants you to know about him:
“I have been roofing for 10 years before I was blessed to join the northface construction team. Spending time with my wife and little girl is something that I love to do. I also really like to be active, anything from parkour to taking a leisurely hike with my family.”
Eric Goulet
Here is what Eric would like you to know about him:
“Hi I’m Eric, I have been in the roofing industry for 13 years now. I enjoy meeting new people and spending time outdoors. Hunting and fishing are a couple of my favorite hobbies; if my girlfriend or friends have time to join me that is always a plus. I strive to service people with high quality and efficiency. At Northface Construction we pride ourselves on satisfied consumers.”