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Snow Removal

Roof Snow Removal Elk River MN | Ice Dam Removal

Are you searching for ice dam removal in Elk River? Turn to the experts at Northface Construction! We’re one of the leading providers of ice dam removal, and roof snow removal services in the state, dedicated to providing our clients with an exceptional experience. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help keep your home clear of ice this winter.


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Ice Dam Removal Services

Ice dams are notorious enemies of the common homeowner — especially in the cold state of Minnesota. This accumulation of ice on the edge of your home’s roof may seem harmless, but they can actually cause serious damage to your home, gutters and even tear flashing off. However, the biggest problem with ice dams happens when they disappear. With warmer weather, it gets hot enough to melt the ice dams, and the sudden soak can leave permanent water damage to your roof. That’s why it’s imperative you take care of the issue as soon as possible this winter.

While it’s possible to remove some smaller ice dams yourself with a hammer and chisel, or a long-handled broom, it’s not strongly recommended. Climbing on your roof while it’s slippery, or standing under falling ice presents far too many risks for an everyday homeowner. Keep your home and yourself protected this winter by hiring a professional — like the team at Northface Construction.

In addition to ice dam removal, we offer several types of winter services for the homeowner. No matter what your request is, Northface Construction will provide a personalized, client-focused experience. At the end of the project, you’ll be happy and your home will be safe from the damage this winter.


Northface prides itself on best in industry customer service.

"Josh, Cody and everyone at Northface Construction were awesome to work with. Everyone was extremely courteous, professional and willing to go the extra mile to work with our insurance company to get all of the storm damage covered. We can't thank you enough! "
Mary Russell Quam
"My experience with Northface Construction was excellent! Howard Hudson saw it through from beginning to end. The only thing that was an issues was the weather but they worked around that beautifully and kept me informed the whole time. Highly recommend!"
Darrin Feist
"Northface Construction Crew were at our house this past weekend installing our new roof. What an amazing group of guys!! They work well together and it was finished and cleaned up in no time. We didn't know Northface existed until our roof needed to be replaced, and I'm so happy it turned out to be this company that installed it. "
Kathy Gannucci-Wolkerstorfer
"Josh shows up is very good with the customer gets the job done and goes the extra mile would recommend him to anybody looking to get any project done hands-down the best in the Anoka County area. "
Mike Mcdonough
"Eric came out to see if we had hail damage and met with our insurance adjuster. He was very knowledgeable, polite and professional. Would highly recommend Northface if you feel you may have an insurance claim. Eric is working hard, as our advocate, with our insurance company. "
Nancy Hahne
"Great company! Very responsive and trustworthy. Has your best interest at heart. Can't get much better than that! "
Zachary Payne

Northface Construction Offers Better Ice Dam Removal Services

Finding a reputable ice removal contractor can be a challenging task, so turn to the professionals at Northface Construction and make it easy on yourself! Our streamlined process ensures that you’re involved in every step of the way, as we assess your project and work hard to achieve your goals.

Northface Construction Ice Removal Offerings

Northface Construction is a fully insured and licensed contractor, specializing in contracting services for residences throughout Minnesota. Our offerings include a wide array of different specialties. These include:

  • Ice dam removal
  • Snow removal
  • Pressure Washing
  • Roof inspections,
  • Exterior repairs
  • General consulting

Northface Construction is built to serve our clients’ needs and to attain a higher level of satisfaction than any other company on the market today. From day one, we’ve worked towards becoming a credible team of home renovators with a proven reputation.

Our Process

We’ve been helping clients with their ice dam issues for years. Whether you need help with prevention, removal or remediation of damage, our team is dedicated to providing you with nothing but the best. If you aren’t happy, neither are we.

That’s why we designed our process to deliver you a personalized experience. Our goal is to not only meet your expectations but exceed them. From the first time you contact us to the last piece of ice removed and beyond, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Northface Construction is dedicated to excellence. We were founded on the idea of providing our clients with nothing but the absolute best ice dam removal services. Our efficient, effective and affordable methods provide you with an ideal way to clear pesky snow and ice.

Not only are ice dams dangerous, but they can also be costly — for damage repairs as well as subsequent updates to your roof for future preventative.  We want to take every possible measure to ensure your home doesn’t incur any damage this winter. This may be as simple as educating you on the best prevention tactics, or something more involved such as  installing a heat-wire system on your roof

Once our team of ice dam removal experts has a chance to examine your home and learn your needs, we develop a detailed quote that’s built around your timeline and budget. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that our work is backed up 100 percent and you won’t be left out in the cold should any problems arise.


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Looking for better ice dam removal services in Minnesota? Our small but committed team of experienced construction professionals will work as an effective partner in your efforts to protect your home this winter. Whether you’re looking to prevent, remove or repair damage caused by ice dams, hail, snow or any other potential problem that accompanies cold weather, we’re the team that can get it done. Our winter services are second to none, that’s the Northface guarantee.