Northface Technology Series: EagleView Technology Measurements
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Northface Technology Series: EagleView Technology Measurements

Posted by Northface Construction  - Owner & Founder

As part of the new “Northface Construction Technology Series,” we’ll be diving into the latest features and tech that we employ here at Northface. We understand the importance of staying up to date on the latest gadgets that the industry has to offer. Not only does this ensure that we do a great job on your home, but it will make the process all the more simple for you.

Today’s Northface technology that we’ll be featuring is EagleView Technology Measurements. We’re going to talk about what this technology is, why we use it, and the benefits it will provide for you, the homeowner.

What is EagleView Technology?

EagleView is a technology provider of aerial imagery, data analytics and geographic information system solutions. They fly planes across America, gathering high quality photos of roofs.

Courtesy of Eagle View

How Does NorthFace Construction Utilize EagleView Technology?

We can then order these photos and information from EagleView, which includes a total breakdown of the roof and the dimensions, sorted into different file types for different estimating softwares. Once we receive the files, we can use it to find the square footage, make models of roofs, autofilling, and more.

EagleView roofing technology
Courtesy of EagleView


Another feature that makes EagleView great for us is their reports that contain the dimensions and other information that is customized for Northface Construction. That way, we can deliver them to our clients, who appreciate being involved with the roofing process as well as the transparency these reports provide.

What Problem Does it Solve?

At Northface Construction, we use EagleView Technology Measurements to eliminate time, especially for complicated roofs. Instead of doing the measurements on our own, we can use the images we receive to make these estimates much faster.

What Are Some of the Specific Features and Capabilities of EagleView Technology?


eagleview technology roofing report
A sample page of an EagleView Report


What Are the Benefits of Using This Tech For You, the Client?

The benefits for the client are transparency and the reassurance that everything will go smoothly. Because we use EagleView Technology, we get rid of the possibility of human error when it comes to measuring and estimating. you can rest assured that the numbers are correct and that we’ll get the job for you without any hiccups.

We’ve used EagleView Technology Measurements for about 5 years now. Over that time, we’ve seen them get better and faster with the information they supply us. We expect that to continue as we continue our relationship with EagleView Technology.


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