How To Choose Gutter Colors [Inspiration & Color Chart]
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How To Choose Gutter Colors: Home Exterior Color Matching

Posted by Northface Construction  - Owner & Founder

Your roof, siding, and gutters keep your home safe from severe weather, prevent leaks and damage, and prolong the lifespan of your home. Generally, when you choose your roof shingles and siding, you’re spending just as much time deciding on the colors you want as you do finding the right materials.

Spending that effort to make sure your siding and roof match each other shouldn’t end there. Gutters also come in various colors that can meld with your home’s style and boost your curb appeal. Today we’re sharing some tips on matching your exterior colors for the best, most beautiful effect.

How to Choose Your Gutter Colors

Some people may not mind what color their gutters are, but depending on the look of your home, your gutters could stand out against your roof or siding and clash with your existing colors. Gutters can boost curb appeal as much as any other exterior materials and colors. So if you’re wondering how to choose the right gutter colors for your home, here are some tips to ensure you choose the best one.

Match Your Siding or Exterior Paint

If you want your gutters and downspouts to be unnoticeable and blend in with your home’s exterior, matching it to the siding or paint color can do just that. However, if your house color is completely custom, it can be hard to match, but you may be able to get close. Especially if your home is grey, beige, forest green, red, or some other basic color, you should be a good shape to get your gutters to match.

Match the Trim

If your home has trim, this can be one of the easiest things to match because it’s likely your trim is one of a few standard colors, which is what gutters and downspouts will come in as well. You should easily find some white, great, or other standard color gutters to match your trim.

Also, the horizontal and vertical lines of your gutter and downspout compliment the same lines as the trim on your house. They will stand out more than if you match your siding, but can give some great dimension and contrast to your home.

Match Your Roof Color

If your house does not have any trim, matching the roof color can be the next best way to choose which color to use. You’ll find more modern, and contemporary homes do not have trim, so matching the roof is a very popular option. In this case, your gutters can simply blend in with the roof and blend in super well.

Many roof colors come in standard colors and should be easy to match. If you have a custom color or one that contains multiple colors like a combination of greens and blues, or greys and browns, you can pick which of the more prominent colors stands out and get your gutters in that color.

Create Contrast With Your Home’s Exterior

If none of these options are what you’re looking for, simply choose a color that creates contrast with your home’s exterior. Similar to how people will install a red front door or some dark green shutters to contrast with their neutral colored home, building contrast can be a way to make a statement and add to the beautiful curb appeal of your home. The same goes for your gutters and downspouts.

If you want them to stand out while also working with the aesthetic, choosing a contrasting color can do just that. If you had a light-colored home and light-colored roof, then choosing a darker colored gutter can make it more dimensional and tie the pieces together rather than a mundane monochrome house from head to toe.

The Best Color Combinations

Speaking of contrasting colors, there are definitely some colors that work best when combined together. Color theories and trends will show that choosing the right color scheme can be the difference between a boring home and one that looks brand new. Here are some examples of color schemes that can make for a beautiful home and how to match your gutters to fit.

Blues and Grays

blue and gray house

A very popular color combination for modern homes is a blend of grays and blues. You will often find the lighter color, whether light gray or light blue, to be the color of the siding, and the roof will be darker. If your home has these colors, a white gutter can be beautiful and contrasting, especially if you have white trim. Or, a dark grey gutter to match the roof can be a perfect fit.

Green Tones

green tone house

Sometimes a monochrome color scheme can work great for a home if it’s done right. Grays, blues, and greens are the most likely pairings for a monochromatic style. However, greens can have the most dimension of them all, and choosing varying shades of green like sage, forest green, and olive brings beautiful earthy tones while still keeping dimensions and contrast. If your home is one of greens and grays

Off-White and Gray

off white house

Another common, more classic color design is variations of off-white and gray. Off-white siding can go by many names like beige, cream, puddy—you name it. But it will often be paired with a dark gray roof to contrast with the light-colored siding, plus a dark-colored door and perhaps some dark shudders or white trim. If the trim is white, you will probably want to choose some white gutters to perfectly divide the roof and the lower levels with a clean line.

Dark Blue and White

dark blue house

A very common trend in the last decade has been dark blue siding with white or light-colored trim. The contrast makes for a beautiful juxtaposition of a color palette. White gutters will always be your best bet with your dark blue and white trimmed home. Without fail it will make your home look as good as the day you bought it.

Red Brick

red brick house

A more classic home with a red brick exterior can have any number of roof colors and materials, gutters, trim, or other elements that can make it hard to match the colors. But, oftentimes, brick is a blend of reds, browns, greens, and numerous shades of color, so people will choose to incorporate blacks, browns, grays, whites, etc., with their beautiful exterior. But, you will commonly see red brick homes with white trim and a gray roof. If this is the case, choose a white gutter to blend into the background while also smoothing out the edges of your textured siding.

how to choose gutter colors

Now that you’ve chosen your gutter colors, you may be concerned about whether your gutter guards will blend in or conflict with your new gutters. There are many options to consider that both improve your gutters’ functionality while also working with your chosen aesthetic. Read about the best gutter guards here for a jumping-off point.

If the time has come to get your gutters installed, we are here to help! To get started, fill out our form to get a FREE quote. We look forward to working with you!


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