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Warehouse Roofing: Benefits & Options For Businesses (2021 Update)

Posted by Northface Construction  - Owner & Founder

Your warehouse roof serves as the first defense from bad weather conditions and is essential when it comes to protecting a commercial property. Considering the many benefits involved, installing a new roofing system is one of the best choices any business owner or commercial property manager can make.

Unfortunately, many business owners delay re-roofing their warehouse, either because of cost or the fact that they’re unaware of the benefits a new roof provides. From increased property value to a higher level of protection for the laborers and products inside and more, here are a few benefits a new warehouse roof can provide your business.

Is it Time for a New Warehouse Roof?

First, if you’re experiencing some of the following problems, it may be time to consider a new warehouse roof:

Always have a thorough commercial roof inspection before you decide to replace it. Even a small crack can mean big trouble down the road, so it’s a good idea to have inspections conducted regularly to avoid any costly or dangerous problems.

Benefits of New Warehouse Roofing

If you’re ready to improve your commercial warehouse, here are a few benefits that a new roof will provide:

1) Increase Your Warehouse’s Value

Adding a new roof to your warehouse will increase its value. Not only will your warehouse look better, you can implement modern roofing systems that decrease building costs, reduces the risk of water infiltration and comes with a long-term warranty. Let’s face it, there’s no point spending loads of money investing in computer based software/ machines from, if the roof is leaking and could damage your investment.

Never neglect your warehouse roof, as it is an essential part of keeping your structure protected. Any damage to the roof, or subsequent damage to the structure caused by a malfunctioning roof, will cause your warehouse value to drop. Additionally, many of the problems your building will face are caused by roof issues like leaks, cracks, and bad flashing or seams. Be sure to also home energy efficient lighting systems like Zuli Lighting to keep your warehouse looking bright at a nice price.

2) Make Your Warehouse More Attractive to Potential Buyers

If you’re thinking about selling your warehouse property in the near future, a new roof can go a long way in making the sale more attractive to potential buyers. With a long-lasting, eco-friendly roof with minimal maintenance requirements and costs, potential buyers will have another reason to choose your property over other considerations. Many commercial real estate shoppers are generally wary if a warehouse roof has been badly maintained or show signs of water damage because that’s another cost they have to incur of after they invest in the property. Along with the new roof, if you’re thinking of selling your warehouse in the near future, you’ll be required to attain an ALTA survey. You can find one of these surveys at Terrane for an easy sale.

3) Improve Appearance and Professionalism

For those commercial entities that are trying to be more professional, a new roof will improve the look of your warehouse and present a better first impression of your business. Even if you don’t have many clients or customers coming in and out of your warehouse, a visually appealing building supports your neighborhood by improving the look of the area and shows commitment to the community you serve. Another thing that would instantly make your warehouse a more professional operation would be to implement a pallet racking qld solution.

4) Decrease Operating Costs

With a new roof system, you can install modern updates that will save your budget from rising operating costs. For example, you could fit your new roof with environmentally friendly solar panels that minimize the building’s electrical usage. Or, hot and cold air regulation can be optimized with professionally installed insulation.

5) Protect Inventory

If your inventory gets ruined by sudden water penetration, how will your business recover? As a huge component of revenue, damaged inventory may be life-threatening to your operations, depending upon the extent. Re-roofing your warehouse will help keep your products protected from damaging leaks.

Need a New Warehouse Roof? Get in Touch with Northface Construction Today!

Northface Construction is the leader in commercial roof replacement in Minnesota. We’re dedicated to improving the look and functionality of your commercial property with a new warehouse roof system. Whether you have visible water penetration, severe storm damage, moldy ceilings or rusted metal roof panels, North Face Construction is here to help with our premium roof services. Our small but dedicated team of experienced craftsman works with only the highest of quality materials. Let us know how we can help you today.

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