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Field Technician

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Posted on: July 06, 2021

Love doing things the right way first and getting your hands dirty?  Do you embrace challenges and solving problems?  

If you have a passion for working with your hands and completing high quality work, our door is open to you.

Do you enjoy seeing the finished product of your hard work? Are you proud to provide your community with the highest quality work available? Are you hungry to learn? 

At Northface Construction we are focused on a “Customer For Life Mindset”. We are passionate about helping change people’s experiences with contractors and creating an experience that people want to come back for. 

The services we offer help our customers by educating them about their needs and arming them with the tools they need to make the best decision for themselves and their home. 

We Want Your Expert Experience  

We have had many customers and each one is different and each one in the future will be different. We have proven to be capable of catering to the needs of each individual and providing not only the best quality service but the best experience possible. 

The people at Northface understand this and also that they EACH play a vital role in continuing this tradition that we aim to keep. 

We want people that bring everything they offer to the table and are willing to put themselves forward to make a difference to our customers. 

We need an individual who can help us be the Contractor of Choice in Minnesota and the surrounding areas. A person who can deliver efficiency and quality and use their construction experience, hands on skills and eagerness to serve to give the customer an experience that they won’t forget. We want our customers to be customers for life and you will be one of the most integral parts of achieving that. 

A vast majority of your time will be spent in the field working closely with project managers to complete hands on work and various repairs. You will also have to work with homeowners to ensure you are delivering the work that they need in a time frame that works for them. If

you’re not in the field, you will be at the office or shop working with the production scheduler to help them create an effective schedule for your work duties. 

Your knowledge of building code, manufacturer guidelines, and building products will play a vital role in Northface’s mission of delivering the highest quality product and service to our customers. Your experience will help us achieve our goal of becoming Minnesota’s contractor of choice. 

We don’t just want you to help us build the highest quality projects, your thoughts and ideas will be an important part of helping Northface grow also. We need people to join in on round table discussions to challenge ourselves and catapult ourselves into the forefront of the industry. 

If you have a strong devotion to your family and community, love learning and challenging yourself, and are passionate about everything you do, chances are you’ll fit in great with the Northface family. A background in the trades and getting your hands dirty is a great start as well. But tell us about yourself and let us get to know you! 

Most companies like to get to a place where they are comfortable. Once they get there, they don’t seek out challenges that enable them to grow. Here at Northface we are always pushing the boundaries and actively seek out challenges. The sky is NOT the limit and we push each other to flourish. 

Grow Professionally and Personally  

Because “Constantly Learning” is one of our core values, we embrace our employees’ hunger to learn more and challenge themselves. There are seemingly endless resources for learning in our industry and we encourage our employees to seek out new opportunities to learn. Northface places a strong dedication on supporting its employees in these endeavors. 

More Ways We Care for You  

Everyone we hire is chosen because of their shared hunger for more knowledge. Because of this, everyone has greatly expanded the company’s knowledge base and everyone is an open book. We are all more than willing to help point you in the right direction for anything you. 

Succeed together, stronger together, see each other succeed, help each other. 

Our team’s success has been built on a commitment to helping each other grow and learn. We recognize that we all have experiences and insights that we can contribute but that’s only put to use when we have a willingness to share that information and invest in each other’s development. We are committed to this kind of culture. One where we get better together and work to help each other succeed.

Your Reward for a Job Well Done!  

Benefits Provided by Northface: 

The range for Field Technicians is $24-31 per hour, based on the skills and experience you bring to the table — with room for growth and results-based incentives. 

Are You Ready to Start Making An Impact with Northface?  

A field technician is a key player in making sure we are delivering what we promise to our customers and it’s not a position we take lightly. If you believe that you have the skills, experience, and passion to earn a seat at our table, we would love to talk to YOU! 

Please submit your resume and a cover letter explaining why you’d love to join our team to

If the field technician position sounds like a role you’d love to have someday but you’re not sure if you have the experience to jump in quite yet, please indicate this and we’d be happy to talk with you about other potential opportunities.


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