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We help your team secure steady work, and create consistent income

We can help you level up, with our 'Northface way' – we know how to secure roofing jobs consistently, and we work with the best crews in town – we'd love it if you were one of them!

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Hiring Roofing Subcontractor Crews for Roofing Jobs in Minneapolis

Northface Construction is hiring Roofing Subcontractor Crews! We will provide consistent work for your crew if you provide honesty and reliability. Connect with us and be proud of your work and get paid, without the stress and pressure of finding your own jobs.

We love to work with crews who show great respect for each other and each other’s safety. So, safety-conscious teams are a must. We take safety very seriously, but not ourselves. So we definitely appreciate fun, easy-going characters that know the difference between work-time and fun-time.

We also know that roofing can be as dangerous as it is taxing on the body. We appreciate a good combo of positivity and professionalism. So positive attitudes, team players, and teams well-versed in adaptability will be highly considered. We want to have fun and enjoy each other’s company as much as we want to get the job done safely and efficiently.

We just need to learn a little bit about you and your crew before we can work together.

Here are some of the things we’ll need to work with you and your crews:

  • Active W-9 form
  • Incorporated with the state or registered with Secretary of State
  • Northface Subcontractor agreement signed
  • Northface Tobacco policy signed
  • Current Work comp and liability insurance with Northface Construction listed as a certificate holder (emailed my broker and will have specific requirements shortly)
  • References, photos, and addresses of previous projects help give us a good idea of your crew’s ability

As we mentioned before, crews who are adaptable, well-trained, have positive attitudes, and take safety as seriously as we do, will be highly considered. We love to build trust within our own company and with everyone we work with, including our clients. If you can trust us, then we can trust you.

Partnering with us the “Northface way” will provide you with consistent jobs, clear expectations, and seamless processes to get the job done right.

Let us take the pain out of finding consistent work for your crew, and let’s do it together.

We look forward to connecting with you!