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"I would like to say that I was very happy working with Josh from the start to the finish. Josh is very personable and easy to work with. He and his crew did an excellent job on my new roof. I highly recommend him for any job. The cleanup was fantastic as well."

Jeff S. October 29, 2015

When bad weather hits your home, you have no need to look any further. Northface Construction is your resource for storm damage remediation. Whether the damage is from wind, hail, tornados or anything in between, we will take care of you the way you deserve. Hail damage can be highly destructive to your home and even when you cannot see the damage to other parts of the home or any damage at all it is important that you call Northface Construction for a damage inspection when you know that your property has been hit by even the smallest hail.

While small hail may not have an immediate effect on your home, it may cause granule loss on shingles over time afterward that will lose you years of life on the roof of your house. The same can be said for possible wind damage, once the binding asphalt seal of a shingle is broken, it usually does not fix itself. This can be a gateway for further damage from wind in the future serving as an entrance for wind to pull off more shingles. If you believe you have had wind damage you should call Northface Construction right away for repair service and inspection of the integrity of the whole roof.

Northface Construction is a one stop shop for storm damage remodeling. We will repair, replace and renovate roofing, siding, fascia, soffit, windows, doors, decks, custom metal accents and more.

Northface Construction offers FREE damage inspections to property owners who believe they may have been affected by hail and high wind. A project consultant will come to your home at a time of your convenience and give you a detailed overview of what was observed.

If damage is found, we will document the damage and take pictures. If the damage is minor and does not constitute an insurance claim, we will quickly repair it with craftsmanship that is above industry standards. If the damage is substantial enough to justify filing an insurance claim we will present why we believe that is the best course of action to serve you. If an insurance claim is filed, Northface construction will represent you and your interests by meeting the insurance adjuster when they come to assess the damages. The reason for this is to make sure that all damage that was found initially is presented to the insurance company and included in the claim. As a homeowner, you should be fully served and awarded the proper amounts for the damage sustained to your home.

Our approach to contracting work is to educate, inform, consult and deliver to you. By educating, informing, and consulting you on the processes, options and other factors, we are able to empower you to make an informed decision on the products and processes to choose.

You are the ultimate decision maker on what will satisfy you and the repairs to your home, we are here to help guide you. Our job is not done there, we deliver upon the promises we make and the craftsmanship performed. We are here to satisfy you and be your contractor of choice when you are affected by storm damage.


Whether you have severe storm damage, need a new roof or siding, or you are looking to remodel your home; North Face Construction is here to help. Our small team of experienced craftsman works with only the highest of quality materials. Let us know how we can help you today.

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