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New Project Consultant Jake Lowe- Roofing

Posted by Northface Construction  - Owner & Founder

It is a very exciting time for us here at Northface Construction!

We welcome Jake Lowe to our team!


Jake is a new project consultant at Northface Construction, providing education, consulting and estimating to potential and current clients.  Jake has been involved in many roofing, siding and storm damage projects over the years. He started roofing for his uncle when he was 16 and has continued to be a hands on laborer and project consultant ever since. Jake understands that each client is different and he believes that every client can be 100% satisfied by actively listening to their needs and expectations from the start. Jake has his bachelors degree currently at St. Cloud State University and actively applies the life lessons and values that he learned everyday. Jake works with clients to educate, consult and deliver on the projects he manages on a daily basis. He values quality, honest and sustainable practices and is a high value adding member to the Northface team! He understands the need for industry change that Northface Construction is pursuing for our clients in the roofing, siding and storm damage industries.

We believe Jake is a high value-adding addition to the team because of his years of hands on experience in the roofing and exterior industry. Having hands on knowledge is the best education a person can get when it comes to roofing. Josh chose Jake to join our team because of his character along with the fact Josh has personally worked with Jake doing the labor roofing many times over the last 10 years and knows that Jake has a strong work-ethic, values and a quality oriented mindset.

Jake will be taking care of estimating and handling our customer experience for clients as they pursue their exterior remodeling projects.

If you would like to meet Jake and get a FREE consultative estimate. Please feel free to give Northface Construction a call at 763-433-2269 or 844-612-HAIL


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