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Our Three Core Values & What They Mean For Northface Construction

Posted by Northface Construction  - Owner & Founder

At Northface Construction, we have three core values:

How did we come up with our core values?

Core values should represent a company’s fundamental beliefs and work as a guide for how they reach goals and do business. Since we wanted our core values to represent our company as a whole, we came up with them as a team.

We did an exercise with all of our employees, bringing everyone together to answer some key questions that could help determine what our core values should be. We asked what matters to us as a team? What matters to us individually? What matters to Northface Construction? What sets us apart from the rest? And what makes us passionate about what we do?

We are constantly learning.

The first core value we chose was that we are constantly learning. Continuing education is a major part of working at Northface, and in this industry in general. There are always going to be new and better ways to do things. It’s important not only to continue to learn more and get better but to want to learn more and get better at what you do.

As a business owner, Josh knows the importance of learning from mistakes and failures and seeing those situations as opportunities to learn and grow. We want our employees to have the mindset that there is something to learn from every situation. If you don’t have that growth mindset, you probably aren’t right for our team. Constantly learning is an important core value to us, as it means we are always striving to be better.

We are passionate.

Our second core value was a no brainer. We are passionate. Just hearing our team talk about what working at Northface means to them, showed us how passionate they are. The day to day interactions with clients is what drives the business, and is what we are most passionate about. We care about our customers and love getting to know them in the process. Being passionate about what we do reflects on our customers and has an added value that we can’t put a price on.

We are family & community oriented.

Being a small business, we know our employees very closely. They become near and dear to our hearts, and we become like a tight-knit family. We also strive to maintain a work-life balance for our employees, because that’s what working is all about—being able to support and spend time with our families.

We love being a company that acknowledges right away that we are a family & community oriented business. Living and working within our community is important to us, and if we aren’t able to give back, then we are doing our community a disservice. We love to be able to get to know our customers, who are essentially our neighbors and just an extension of the Northface family.

What is the benefit of having solid core values?

Setting clear core values can establish a guideline for your employees to follow, that reminds them why they do what they do. In our case, we simplified our core values to 3 simple phrases that represent us the best. We know that we have passion, are constantly learning, and love our family and community. But having those core values is a great reminder and a beacon to follow every day, helping us to strive for the best. They also give new or prospective employees an idea of what we are all about and a chance to see how they fit into the culture.

There is no magic number of core values a company needs to have. However, being able to find a few core values that truly represent your company culture can be more effective than listing ten smaller goals you want to obtain. With five or fewer core values, your employees can know them, repeat them, and live them every day.

Keep in mind; core values can change. Just like people, businesses change, and your core values may continue to shift to fit your ever-changing and ever-growing business. Nevertheless, always make sure they speak to your business’s culture and vision.

At Northface Construction, we want to be known as the company which is the most passionate, that never stops learning and improving, and that loves being a part of their community. We are proud to be your community-focused local roofing company. Feel free to reach out to us anytime!


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