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The Home Mag at The Home & Remodeling Show

Posted by Northface Construction  - Owner & Founder

Today we’re talking to Angela at The Home Mag booth, and she tells us how home builders can benefit from The Home Mag.

Why should homeowners pay attention to The Home Mag?

Companies like Northface Construction look towards The Home Mag for getting them the best leads—that’s what The Home Mag does. The magazine looks for quality companies like Northface and puts them in front of the 150,000 homes around the Twin Cities. The targeted demographic is homes valued at a minimum of $480,000, and a household income of $160,000. The magazine gets delivered right to the homeowners’ address, and many keep it right on the coffee table for themselves and guests to flip through anytime.

Homeowners should subscribe to this magazine because they are quickly and easily able to find quality Minnesota based home improvement companies. Only home improvement companies will be found in the issues. This includes carpet cleaners, gutter cleaning services, and more. Services can easily be found without the distraction of dry cleaners, dentists, or other non-home improvement industries.

Angela said she once had a homeowner call in to say how great The Home Mag was because they were going to head online and start calling people for information, but the one-stop-shop magazine gave them everything they needed right there. It was amazing! The Home Mag can save customers tons of time, money, and energy when they don’t have to search and do the research themselves.

the home mag

What companies are featured in The Home Mag?

Companies that work in the home building and construction industry would be featured in The Home Mag. They include Minnesota based companies that would be able to cater to the Twin Cities area homes, no national businesses in the industry would be in there. Companies may show up on multiple occasions in the magazine, depending on how many services they offer. For example, a typical job for Northface may be exteriors, siding, restoration, roofing, and storm damage repair. So, they could be featured in multiple categories amongst other companies specific to those services.

What brands does The Home Mag feature?

The Home Mag may feature certain brands within the industry. For example, Northface Construction focuses on using GAF roofing shingles, GAF siding, LP siding, and EDCO siding and metal roofing products. Those brands could be brought to light within their respective categories in their magazine. Angela mentioned that they don’t have anyone in The Home Mag right now under the metal roofing category, and those opportunities are great for companies like Northface Construction. They could be a pioneer in the metal roofing category for homeowners to see!

The Home Mag also focuses on including local companies such as LP Louisiana Pacific, which is located up in Two Harbors, MN, as well as EDCO siding and metal roofing, which was founded in 1946 in Minnesota.

The Home Mag booth at events like The Home and Garden Show offers home builders, industry folks, and consumers to stop by and get tons of information. Plus, they often promote the companies featured in their magazine at the shows, so people can easily walk over to their booths at the show as well.

Homeowners, contractors, and business owners can subscribe for magazine delivery, or receive a digital copy, at We hope this was helpful for our current and future clients, as well as our friends in the industry. As always, for more information or to start your home project, you can call Northface Construction at 763-433-2269.


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