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What is it Like to Work at Northface Construction?

Posted by Northface Construction  - Owner & Founder

With experience working in construction for many years, Josh started Northface Construction in 2010, and he knew that he wanted to build a company that focuses on core values that were missing from a lot of construction companies. In the modern construction industry, putting good personal intersections and boosting customer satisfaction at the forefront of the company has helped build a great company culture while upholding those values Northface Construction set out from day one.

If you want to know what it’s like to work for a company like Northface Construction, you better go right to the source! We interviewed some of our current employees and asked them what working for Northface means to them.

It’s always an honor to have your employees legitimately enjoy and love working in the business you built. Employee satisfaction and growth are incredibly essential to us at Northface Construction. Our employees love that they feel like we are a tight-knit family that always has fun and gets to laugh, which makes stressful times a little easier to handle. Overall, everyone here is super motivated and maintains a great atmosphere. It’s always good to enjoy those you work with, and that coming to work every day does not feel like a daunting chore.

Our project consultant, Dylan, loves meeting new people and working with the homeowners on their projects by sharing his extensive knowledge about the industry with them to fully understand the scope of the projects. He loves that he can be open with his boss, and work in an environment that not only gives him the confidence to do his job but breeds confidence among the entire team.

With the homeowner’s experience as one of our main goals, we spend a lot of time supporting our employees with continuing education, ongoing training, and getting them even more knowledgeable so that they can give the very best experience to our customers. To support your business, you have to support your employees, and setting reachable goals for them to achieve and grow themselves is vital.

When we look towards the future of Northface, we see longevity in not only our success as a business but in our employees. We are here to work as a team to build the business together, and we want people to make a career here, where they are in it for the long haul, and it’s a place they could maybe retire from one day. We structure ourselves like a large business, in that we have tight-knit processes and goals where we know exactly what we want, how to accomplish it, and have streamlined processes that everyone adheres to. But the real joy comes with maintaining that small business mindset, where we uphold a laid back, happy-go-lucky atmosphere that keeps things light and fun. We want our employees to show up, do their thing, and make it happen!

Northface Construction wouldn’t be the same without our incredible employees helping us grow and thrive, and our customers who trust us to change their homes, and their lives.

We are always looking for more great people to join the team. So if you are self-motivated, happy, friendly, and “that’s not my job” is not a part of your vocabulary, we would love to work with you. Give us a call at 763-762-9985, and let’s chat!

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