You’re ready to fund your home improvement project, but where do you start? We’ll give you a simple run through of three great options for financing your roofing project.

Clear, Fast, & Easy

Home Equity – Line of Credit

  • If you have a home, you have equity, and this might be your best option.
  • A low interest home equity loan, that will in finance your project, and in turn increase the value of your home

Bank or Credit Union

  • They are local, trustworthy, and you may already have a relationship with them
  • They can slow down your project timeline, depending on how long it takes to process and approve financing


  • Going with a vendor can save money and time
  • Choose a firm who is giving you 3-5 options to choose from, and are willing to work with you
  • With some slight negotiation you should be able to get the lowest payment, right there on the spot. No waiting for approval like with the bank.



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