Your Roofing Checklist: 10 Steps To Prepare For Roof Work
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Your Pre-Roofing Installation Checklist: 10 Things You Need to Do

Posted by Northface Construction  - Owner & Founder

As the big day of your roof installation is steadily approaching, it’s time to start a roofing checklist for all the miscellaneous tasks you’ll need to take care of prior to beginning the repair project.

Just like if the workers decided to use a tool rentals service to help get the job done a lot better, you’re in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly on the other side too. Collaboration with your roofing contractor is crucial to ensuring everyone is on the same page throughout the installation process, and will also keep you, your roofing company, and others around you safe and in the know.

You can expect a representative to meet up with you a few days to a week prior to construction to review the entire process and inform you on what you’ll need to do on your behalf. While they will be able to handle everything from equipment to supplies for the big day, you can also prepare your home to get it ready. Here’s a roofing checklist for the 10 tasks you’ll need to take charge of and check off the list to help you adequately prepare for your next roofing project:

1) Notify the Neighborhood Of Your Roof Work

First things first, you’ll need to spread the word to your neighbors on the exact dates that roofing construction will be taking place at your house. This is a common courtesy that will also help keep vehicles out of the way so your roofing company team will have adequate space to hustle trucks and equipment in and out, without any obstacles. Also, if you or your neighbors have pets, it might be best to find a temporary location for them away from the construction site, to keep them clear from excess debris or hazardous noise. 

2) Protect Interior Belongings From Damage While Your Roof Is Being Repaired

There’s no way around it; a construction team on your roof will mean plenty of vibrations pulsating and rattling your entire house. With this in mind, it’s best to ensure that any loose valuables you have around the house, be it hung up on the walls or freely displaced on shelves and tables, should be placed in a secure and safe location until installation is complete. This could also allude to any expensive furnishings or accessories, such as chandeliers, ceiling fans, or paintings.

3) Secure Exterior Area Around Your Roof

Making sure that anything worth value on the outside of your home is removed or at least covered is also a critical component to the pre-roofing installation checklist. Be sure to remove any satellites on the roof, cover up all plants with tarp, move outdoor furniture inside or in the garage. Any miscellaneous objects around your home should be protected, as it’s inevitable that debris will be spilling over from the roof and all over the yard. Perhaps the use of a steel hopper or dumpster for self-dumping of debris could help keep waste construction materials under control. Turn off any sprinkler or alarm systems you have installed, and cover up all your windows and outdoor heating or cooling systems as well.

4) Establish Easy Roof Access

One of the biggest things your roofing installation team will wish of you is to make access around your house and roof as easy as possible so the project can smoothly go according to plan. This pertains to ridding your driveway and garage of your vehicles, leaving gates and entry doors unlocked, and if you do plan on keeping your pet at home, be sure to keep it locked up away from interacting with the workers.

5) Special Requests or Emergency Contact Information For Roof Workers

Obviously, it’s your home and property that’s being worked upon, so let contractors know if there are any requests or rules you have that they need to abide by. This could be anything from staying out of certain areas around the house, keeping particular gates or doors locked, or just keeping an eye out for circuit breakers or watering systems. Always leave them with emergency contact information in the event of an accident or if an urgent question needs to be answered immediately.

6) Obtain Roof Work Approval

Be sure to check with your roofing contractor in regards to obtaining permission from the Homeowners Association for proper approval. Also, keep in contact with them in regards to placing warning signs of upcoming construction around the neighborhood.

7) Keep Children Away From The Roof

If you have kids, it’s important to try and keep them away from the construction site as much as possible, just to ensure their safety. Having them stay at a friend’s place or daycare will help them avoid being exposed to constant loud noises, floating debris, and dangerous equipment.

8) Inspect Wiring and Vents Around Your Roof

Prior to the roofing installation, be sure to have all your electrical wiring, circuit breakers, and exhaust vents inspected to avoid any potential unseen fire hazards or carbon monoxide leaks. Having a carbon monoxide inspector handy during the project is also something to keep in mind.

9) Review Roof Warranty Information

Keeping yourself in the loop on what your warranty will cover will give you more peace of mind once the project is complete. Don’t be shy when it comes to asking questions to your roofing contractor on what you can expect after your new roofing is installed.

10) Stay Informed On The Roofing Details

While such a renovation project can seem intimidating, roofing professionals should always do their best to keep you informed on all the details of the installation project. Stay in touch with your Northface Construction consultant to ensure that all your inquiries are answered and all your roofing expectations are met.

roofing checklist to prepare for roof work


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