No matter what type of home you own, the color of your roof can have a dramatic effect on its style, curb appeal and overall value. However, it can be a big challenge narrowing down your choice in the ideal roof color. Never worry – we’re here to help you find the best roof color for your home so your roofing contractors austin can make your house look as good as possible. Let’s get started! roofing on home

Here are 20 tips to help you pick the best roof color for your home.

Understand the Importance of Your Roof Color Your roof accounts for a large portion of your home’s exterior style. When designing your home’s exterior, it’s easy to forget about the style of the roof. However, a roof is really what pulls the whole design of the home’s visual exterior together, so it deserves your attention. Pay Attention to the Style of Your Roof If your house has a roof with a high slope, or pitch, the better view of shingles you’ll have from the ground. It’s best to choose a color that draws the eye upward and enhances any interesting details, such as gables and dormers. Use Exterior Elements for Reference Let your home’s exterior elements guide you in matching shingle colors. Many elements of your home’s exterior are too expensive or simply cannot be changed, such as brick, stone or stucco. Pick a color that will enhance both the exterior colors and roof colors. Compliment the color of your shutters. Once you’ve settled on a color of shutters from somewhere like Shuttercraft, you can find roofing that compliments it. If the shutters sharply contrast with the siding, picking a roof color that closely matches the shutters can tie the whole house together Ignore Myths About Saving Energy with Colors While darker colors absorb heat and lighter colors reflect heat, house color has little to do with your energy savings. What truly determines energy efficiency is proper ventilation and high-quality home insulation. Look into Local Environmental Codes In some states, highly reflective roof shingles may be required to meet environmental codes. Contact your local roofing contractor to know if this applies to your situation and he can guide you in selecting the best shingle color. Always be mindful of your neighbors. Look around your neighborhood — what color and shingle type are on the homes in the area? When it comes time to put your home on the market, you don’t want your home to stand out for the wrong reasons. Choose a shingle color that harmonizes well with the houses around yours as well as with the natural surroundings and your landscaping.

What color shingle goes with what color of house?

roof on home White If you own a white house, your roof can be almost any color and it will look fabulous. Regardless of the color, pay attention to things such as architectural style, neighboring houses and roof features to help you decide the best color for your house. Cream and Beige If you own a cream-colored or beige house, choose a shingle color in the hue of blue, green, brown, gray or black to create an eye-catching blend of colors. Brown If you own a brown house, the best shingle colors include grey, brown, black, green and possibly subtle shades of blue. Wood If you own a house or cabin with log or weathered wood siding, consider a shingle with a high-definition profile to mimic the look of natural wood shakes, in the colors of brown, green, black, grey.

What color shingle goes with what architectural style?

It’s crucial that you choose a shingle color that both contrasts and complements your home’s exterior elements. Regardless of your home’s architectural features, if everything is the same, the overall style of your home will be dull. Historical Homes Those homes featuring historical architecture, such as colonial and victorian, choose a traditional color to evoke a more classical look. Casual Homes For more casual homes, such as waterfront or rustic rural properties, weathered browns and greys, muted greens will tie-in well with the natural surroundings and cultivate a laid back atmosphere. Check out shingles whose profile looks like genuine wood shakes or even slate tiles. Similarly, weathered wood or log houses can look great with brown, green, black and gray shingle colors. Rural Homes For homes in rural areas, whether constructed of log, wood or stone, can look warm, casual and inviting yet very dramatic with gray shingles.

Choosing A Roof Color For A Non-Shingled Roof

There are numerous pros and cons to using metal, concrete tile, wood, or any other type of roofing material. But when it comes to choosing the right color for your roof, you have to ask what your end goal is. As we have previously mentioned, color can be used to both draw attention to your home, or hide imperfections and make it blend in. When adding a metal, concrete tile, or wood roof, are you trying to make it stand out? Or are you mostly doing it for added protection?

Using materials like these can often add a bit of style to your home, and maybe something you want to highlight with some added color. On the contrary, if your home is already quite colorful, making the roof color more subtle could both tame the look of your home while highlighting your quality roofing material. As always, you have to consider the architectural style of your home before deciding a specific color for your roof. When deciding on a color, take into account what would compliment the look of your current style. If you want to incorporate a brighter color that is more likely to stand out, make sure it will fit well with the rest of your home unless you are planning to rework the rest of your exterior.

It is also important to keep in mind what colors complement the roofing material you have selected. If you choose to use a type of wood roofing, a natural color would most likely look best. Metal roofing is a bit more versatile but generally looks good with bold colors like, black, or green. Perhaps asphalt shingles are so widely used because they can work well with most home styles. The bottom line is, you need to pick a color and material that will complement the rest of your homes look.

Other tips on choosing the best roof color for your home

  • Always mix patterns with care. A good rule of thumb is to mix patterns on the outside of your home the way you’d mix them inside your home. For example, if you home has a multi-colored brick exterior, choose a shingle color that isn’t as busy to create a cleaner look.
  • Are you trying to stand out or blend in? Lightly colored asphalt shingles are likely to make your home appear bigger and can draw the eye to positive features of the home, while darker colors are better at hiding imperfections.
  • Match the shingles on your outbuildings. Asphalt roofing shingles can also protect and enhance a variety of other structures, such as utility sheds, detached garages, mother-in-law suites and even dog houses. Match other structures with the main structure to create a cohesive look.
  • Try before you buy. Just as you’d try out paint samples when painting your family room, try out shingle samples on your home’s exterior to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting.
  • Get in touch with a trusted local roofing contractor! A professional uses his expertise to guide you in the right direction for which roof color you should choose. Get in touch with Northface Construction today — we can help you find the perfect color for your home.

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