funny roofing advertisement of shark

Posted On: November 6, 2018

Hilarious Roofing Advertisements

To make your business stand out, sometimes you need to get creative with your marketing and advertisements. To illustrate this, we’ve found some of our favorite roofing advertisements that are surely to stand out with their humor and wit.




roofing problems aren't always this obvious

Tri County Roofing, located in South Carolina, has made a name for itself with their creative billboards.



local shingles looking to get nailed

While unfortunately this billboard is fake, this faux advert went viral, which shows that sometimes edgy marketing can work for generating buzz.



Allianz Elephant Advertising

This German ad for Allianz focuses on their insurance services. The translation: “Less funny, but just as heavy: 20 cm of snow on your roof.”



roofing billboards funny

This creative billboard actually prompted drivers to call 9-11, claiming there was a man dangling from the billboard. In actuality, its is just a mannequin. The lesson to be learned here: Don’t dangle mannequins from billboards. Courtesy of WYFF-TV.

hail damage billboard


Straight and to the point. We like it.


Roofing Problems: A Serious Manner

While these billboards make light of roofing mishaps, damage to your roof can be a serious problem. Whether your roof has taken storm and hail damage, or if it’s in need of a roof repair, we got you covered. Northface Construction is a local roofing company, making us personable, fast, efficient. Don’t settle for the competitions one size fits all approach, as we’ll collaborate with you to get exactly what you need. Next time your roof is in need of some maintenance, remember to contact Northface Construction.


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