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Northface Technology Series: AccuLynx Cloud Based Management Software

Posted by Northface Construction  - Owner & Founder

Welcome back to another installment of the Northface Technology Series! In today’s post, we’ll be talking about the AccuLynx Cloud Based Management Software, which provides many internal benefits for our services, as well as transparency for our clients.

AccuLynx software logo
Image courtesy of AccuLynx

What Problems Does AccuLynx Solve?

AccuLynx is a customer relation management program. For any business, no matter the size, a solid customer management tool is absolutely necessary for keeping track of clients’ projects and making sure that they are all on schedule and will be completed in time. And that’s exactly what AccuLynx allows for.

Track and Organize Process From Beginning to End

Perhaps the most important feature of the AccuLynx software is that it will keep tabs on all of our clients projects throughout the process. The software will breakdown any given project into five categories:

Lead – When a potential client reaches out to us and expresses the need for our services

Prospect – When we start to work out the details of the project, timetable, and estimates

Approved – When the client gives us the go-ahead to get started

Completed Job – When the job is now completed

Invoice – When the client has to pay for the completed job

This software also tracks optimization metrics for our operations. For example, AccuLynx tracks key performance indicators, closing rates, actual customers vs. leads, and where our leads come from. All of this data allows us to perfect our business operations even more and to better optimize our services for our clients. Overall, this software is great for helping us keep track of all of our projects simultaneously. The customer portal that AccuLynx provides also allows our clients to stay up to date on the status of the project, which they appreciate if they are out of town during the process.

Reliable Estimates

AccuLynx is also provides an estimate template for all of the different types of projects we handle and that is connected to a current marketplace price database. Essentially, what this means is that we can always provide accurate estimates based on the market price and it makes it easy for us to order the supplies we need through one click shopping. Not only do our clients get the comfort of knowing they are paying a fair price for our services, but all the necessary supplies can be easily shipped together to keep the project on time and without any bottlenecks.

Some of the other features that the AccuLynx Cloud Based Management Software provides are:

Production Management – Allows for scheduling of material deliveries and labor crews based on availability

Supplements and Mortgage Check Tracking – Documents and tracks all of our supplements and mortgage checks

SmartDocs – Allows for digital signatures and keeping track of customer information

Aerial Roof Measurements – Fast and accurate roof measurements reports

Photo and Video Annotation – Allows for capturing, editing, annotating, and sharing photos straight from AccuLynx

Unlimited File Storage – No limit on file storage

Reporting – visibility into the performance of sales team and where each project stands financially

Quick Books Integration – Simple integration without having to double enter data

Mobile app for iOS and Android – Allows for access to all this information on the go, so we can always manage projects even when we do not have access to a computer

Communication History – An activity feed lets us see everything at a glance, while creating notes, sending messages and assigning jobs

Sales Rabbit Integration – Saves time and automatically transfers lead records into AccuLynx from Sales Rabbit


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