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What Do You Look For in a Roofing and Siding Contractor?

Posted by Northface Construction  - Owner & Founder

We are always curious to know what today’s customers care about when it comes to hiring a contractor. We want to know what they look for and what kind of research they do to find the right reputable contractor for them. So, we went around the Minneapolis Home and Remodeling Show to ask consumers this question: What do you look for in a roofing and siding contractor? 

We asked numerous people what the most important thing was when it comes to hiring a contractor to work on their home.

People look for longevity, product quality, reliability, quality of service, good referrals, good reputation, and good price.

After all of our interviews, we discovered that the #1 thing people look for in a roofing and siding company is reliability.

When consumers are having work done on their home, they want it done quickly and efficiently. In-home projects can take up a lot of time and space in someone’s home, so reliability is key. The last thing someone wants is to have to track down their contractor when they have a question or an issue arises. Reliable contractors will be ahead of the curve and contact the homeowner first before they have to track down the contractor. In a time where everyone has access to the internet and phone service almost all of the time, most consumers fully expect that they can get in touch with their contractor at any point, using any form of communication. And that’s definitely true—there is really no excuse for a contractor not to be able to respond to a customer’s call, text, or email in a timely manner.

Everyone wants a company that can cover all the bases, and works with them every step along the way. Reasonable price and high-quality products are obviously a factor people look for, but without that reliability, it may not always be worth it in the end. Thanks to Google reviews, consumers can do plenty of research before they ever need to contact a potential business and weed out contractors that have poor reviews and don’t fit the bill they’re looking for.

An article showcasing customer behaviors in 2016 shows two key stats that prove how important online reviews actually are. First, 91% of consumers regularly or occasionally read reviews to determine whether a business is good or bad. Second, 84% of consumers find online reviews as trustworthy as a personal recommendation or referral. Keep in mind, these stats were taken in 2016, which means they could be even more apparent now in 2021! We showcased these to show how far back consumers have been putting online reviews at the forefront of their research.

With a 5.0 star rating on Google, out of 92 reviews, we at Northface Construction rely heavily on the good experiences of our clients to bring in more business. We appreciate so much when people are willing to share their experiences, both positive and negative. Most consumers say they would give a review if asked, so never be afraid to ask your clients to leave a review!


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