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Top New Siding Color Trends You Need To Know About In 2021!

As one of the biggest drivers of value and curb appeal, the exterior of your home and its color should be updated to fit in with modern trends. Siding color trends can change year by year or even season by season, so to get something that is current, modern, but can last for years to come, focusing on current trends can help you obtain that timeless curb appeal. 

If you have got a new house then the style of your exterior can make or break your house so it’s important to know the trends before the house’s design is finalized. This is especially important if you’re looking to put your house on the market sometime in the near future.

If you’re in need of an exterior update, take a look at these home color trends for 2021 that are sure to both add value to your home and increase its curb appeal.

2021 siding trends

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Top Siding Color Trends for Your Home’s Exterior

In the past years, subtle palettes reigned supreme, however, styles are evolving as homeowners desire more dynamic colors on their home’s exterior in 2021. This year, make a statement with a bold siding color choice, as well as a contrasting mixture of light and dark hues, that adds interest and intrigue to the exterior.

siding color trends example blue house

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Using a mixture of light and dark hues, such as light trim with a darker siding color for a trendy look, especially when combined with a bold color choice that accents your home’s features. For example, use white trim against dark grey siding with a black door as a focal point. siding color trends grey house examle

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Your goal here is to create a contrasting, bold and dynamic color scheme that utilizes light and dark shades of similar neutral colors, mixed with a bold accent color to make the home’s exterior pop.

All you need to do is decide on a color that’s in style and work your way back, finding complementary hues at the other end of the light/dark spectrum to achieve your desired design. Additionally, richer colors are also trending right now — colors like deep russet reds, as well as natural hues like forest green.

The trick to creating a stunning exterior home design is to avoid using similar color tones and match your siding and roof colors. and match your siding and roof colors. Instead, use siding colors that contrast each other, like black and white. Implemented correctly, you’ll have an exterior that will never fail to capture the eye’s attention.

siding color trends example full grey house

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What the Pros Have to Say About Siding Color Trends

We spoke with some local experts on home siding to see what they think will be some of the siding trends to look for in 2021.

Josh Swisher: I have seen a large shift toward darker hues throughout with emphasis on white trim. One change for 2021 I see more of will be consistent colors on homes throughout different materials. People will increasingly rely on physical design transitions such as board and batten, trim, shakes etc. with less color change between these profiles. The days of 4-5 colors on a house for contrast are going out the door.

People will continue to increase the use of composite/engineered siding such as LP Smartside or Hardie. The reason is the cost gap is decreasing between vinyl and these products. So you will see that homes will increasingly utilize these products as alternatives to vinyl and using the engineered products as trim on windows and corners.

Colin Sandquist at Specialty Roofing and Siding: We currently are installing diamond kote wood siding with various color schematics. Roofing styles and products are mainly 30 laminate Owens Corning designer and duration shingles.

Matthew Brasic: Darker siding, typically grey, with white trim/corners is what’s been very common here. Doing the second level in a lighter accent color has also been picking up.

Denny Thomas: I’ve been noticing customers going with darker siding like blues and grays with white details, and putting shakes or scallops on the gables, and I think it looks good.

Ricky Campopiano: Dark richer siding and bold accents are really in style. Also, fewer shutters and wider window trims are in too.

More Top Trends for Your 2021 Remodel: Blending Siding Types

Another siding trend for 2021 is an extension of styles seen in previous years, incorporating texture into your home’s exterior. This year, however, the emphasis is being placed on blending various textures and styles across a single surface.

Instead of including a single texture type, like brick, in the home’s exterior, the style now is to combine a few different complimentary styles into one face of the home’s exterior to achieve a unique look.

siding color trends installers

One thing you could try is blending siding of different widths to create a rustic look. You could also use different styles of the same siding, such as a blend of shiplap and cedar shingles or cedar shakes of a similar color so that the texture is the main design feature. Even matching the best gutter guards will help blend your home’s exterior colors.

Brick and stone are still highly in style but don’t make these the main focal point of your exterior. Instead, blend the materials with the rest of the home’s exterior design features to present a dynamic look that isn’t overpowering. It’s important to bare in mind other components of your house when picking vinyl colors.

What to Watch For in the Future

As we move further into 2021, new trends will come and go. Some themes that continue to be popular, however, are eco-friendliness, low-maintenance facades, and durability. This makes sustainable siding a great choice for home exteriors going forward.

More and more, homeowners are opting for more sustainable exterior choices, even when replacing a shingle roof. Not only does this create a more eco-conscious home through the use of recycled materials like steel, but also requires less maintenance or replacement due to their higher durability over other materials, as well.

If you go this route, you’ll want to do everything you can to avoid traditional materials, like wood siding that requires frequent upkeep, painting, or staining, as well as materials like vinyl that aren’t recyclable.

Eco-Friendly Siding Options for the Sustainable Homeowner

Determining which type of eco-friendly siding is right for you requires an analysis of the benefits you want out of your siding. Some options are more environmentally friendly than others while requiring more upkeep. A perfect example of this is wood siding, because it has a low environmental impact, but requires more maintenance than other siding materials.

On top of being an organic product, wood is a renewable resource – making it all the more environmentally friendly. You could even take your home’s sustainability one step further and use reclaimed or recycled wood for your siding. 

Other materials that work really well for environmentally friendly siding are metal, brick, stone, or concrete. All of these siding products are considered sustainable forms of siding, but each has its distinct benefits and drawbacks.

Cobblestone, for example, is very environmentally friendly and durable but also costs significantly more to install. Similarly, brick is durable and a bit cheaper than cobblestone, but it requires additional upkeep.

If you are looking to take advantage of concrete siding, you should know while it is durable, its insulation value is quite poor. If you live in a cold climate and use concrete siding, make sure your insulation is of a higher caliber.

At the end of the day, when it comes to building out sustainable siding, your top priority needs to be determining your needs. Start with finding your biggest constraint. Is your budget pretty tight? Then maybe consider using a more affordable option that is also eco-friendly. Do you need something with incredibly low maintenance? Then you can afford to be open to more expensive siding options.

Finally, you need to make sure the style of siding fits with what you want your home to look like, so make sure you do your research to find the siding that is right for your budget, home-style, and the environment. There are plenty of options to help you reduce siding repair costs.

Staying on Trend in 2021

Siding color trends of 2020 into 2021 are subtly different from what they were in the past year, with a focus on bold colors, contrasting shades of light and dark, dynamic textures, and more eco-conscious materials.

No matter what you’re looking for in a home exterior, consider looking at some of these siding trends of 2021 to assist you with your style and transform your home’s facade into something gorgeous. And if you are considering changing your roof color, be sure to check out our roofing checklist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the most popular siding color?

Dark grey, Tan, Dark Blue, Grey, Slate, or White are extremely common. This definitely depends on your particular region or neighborhood.

What color siding has the best resale value?

Usually realtors and home services experts might suggest a stylish but not ‘trendy’ color combination for your home if you are looking to sell in the next 5 years. An understated, but yet universal approach to siding might include a slate color with white trim. Stone Veneer seems to increase the overall look and feel of a home without being extremely expensive.

What color vinyl siding fades the least?

Light-colored vinyl siding will withstand more intense sunlight better than darker colors. If you’re in the broader Twin Cities region of Minneapolis, Northface Construction would love to serve you for any of your roofing or siding needs. Send us a message now for a free roofing or siding inspection!

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